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date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 14:54:42 +0100
from: "Griggs, Dave" <>
subject: Collated comments - Ch 10
to: 'TAR Chapter 10' <>

Dear Chapter 10

Attached are two rtf files of General Comments and two rtf files containing
the collated comments received during the government/expert review of your
chapter. We have separated the comments into those which are official
government comments and those which are from experts. I hope this is helpful
to you. The cross-cutting issues paper on Uncertainties which relates to
some General Comments from Steve Schneider will be sent in a separate e-mail
as sending all in one go exceeds the mail limit. If you have any difficulty
opening the attachments please let me know. For information, those who do
not have access to e-mail are being sent the comments by DHL.

You will recall that this review also included the Technical Summary (TS)
and Summary for Policymakers (SPM). Not surprisingly, these two parts of the
report attracted a lot of comments. As you know, these documents were based
on the underlying chapters and were drafted to be as consistent as possible
with them using, in many cases, text from the chapters. Hence, many of the
suggestions for changes to the TS and SPM imply suggested changes to the
underlying chapters. Therefore, we are going through the comments on the TS
and SPM and are picking out those that are also issues for the chapters. We
plan to send you a file of such "pass-through" comments that pertain to your
chapter, once we complete this task in a few days. Each set of pass-through
comments will be cross-referenced to the associated locations in your
chapter, in order to facilitate your going through the pass-through and
chapter comments. We expect that many of the pass-through comments will
also appear in your chapter's comments, so that the cross-referencing will
perhaps help dealing with both at one step.

I will also be sending out an agenda for the Victoria meeting shortly but we
plan to run the meeting very much along the same lines as both the Arusha
and Auckland meetings.

Good luck going through the comments and I look forward to seeing you all in

Best regards


<<General. - Master.rtf>> <<Gov.-Gen master.rtf>> <<Chapter 10. - Master
(Exp.).rtf>> <<Gov.-ch10 master.rtf>>

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IPCC WGI Technical Support Unit
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