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date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 23:09:17 UT
subject: 2009JD013094 (Editor - Joost de Gouw): Review Instructions for

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Dear Dr. Jones:

Thank you for agreeing to review manuscript number 2009JD013094 entitled "On the reliability of the U.S. Surface Temperature Record" by Matthew J. Menne, Claude Williams, Jr., and Micheal Palecki for possible publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Our goal is to complete the initial review process in about four weeks, and the assigned due date for this project is October 11, 2009. We would appreciate your completing and returning the review on or before this date.

To view the manuscript, review form, and instructions please click on the link below.


(NOTE: The link above automatically submits your login name and password. If you wish to share this link with colleagues, please be aware that they will have access to your entire account for this journal.)

It would be most helpful if: (1) the review is prepared in anonymous format suitable for transmission to the author; (2) the review comments on the paper's originality, significance, and/or usefulness to the JGR readership; and (3) the review includes a specific recommendation (e.g., publish as is, publish after revision, or reject).

If you prepare your detailed comments outside the GEMS system and copy-and-paste them into the review form, please scroll through these comments before submitting the review to ensure that all characters are rendered correctly and that no incorrect font substitution has occurred.

Reviewers are kindly requested to consider the originality of the scientific work and to evaluate the scope of the manuscript with respect to the broad readership of the Journal. In particular they should warn the Editor if they feel that the work may be too specialized, too regional in scope, or that its wording makes it unnecessarily difficult or unappealing for readers from outside the field. Suggestions that make the manuscript shorter without altering its content are particularly welcome.

Please e-mail, call, or fax us if you have any questions. Thank you again for your help and support of our journal.

Joost de Gouw
Editor, JGR-Atmospheres

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