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Dear all

You are invited to a seminar by Andrew Dlugolecki on Wednesday 11th
January, 4-5pm in the CRU coffee room 1.01, UEA.


Record losses from weather-related disasters in 2005 put climate insurance
on the international agenda at last year's climate change conference in
Montreal. The figure of economic losses probably exceeded $200 billion,
three times any previous year. Countries worldwide seek solutions to the
rapidly multiplying impacts of climate change.

The decisive question today is no longer what proof we have for
anthropogenic climate change but rather, what strategies we should follow
to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Insurance-related mechanisms can
be an effective part of adaptation strategies.

This seminar will outline how climate insurance as a viable option for
dampening the negative effects of global warming and reducing the
financial risks of an increasing number of natural catastrophes and will
share highlights from a workshop at the United Nations Climate Change
Conference held in Montreal, Canada.

Vanessa McGregor
PA to Director/
Events Organiser
Tyndall Events:
Estonia-UK British Council Workshop on
Impacts in Europe of a changing climate and strategies for adaptation
9-10 January 2006, Tartu, Estonia
Management Away-Day, 13-14 March 2006, Cambridge UK

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