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date: Fri Jun 17 16:34:14 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Fwd: Natural Climate Variability
to: Kevin Trenberth <>

I know what EPRI is and what they've done in the past. No idea what an
RFP is though. Said very busy with IPCC and it and some CCSP initiatives are
looking at these issues. Point of emailing is have you heard of the person
or the organization? A brief scan of their web site suggests they seem
reasonable - consultants - more on the impact and energy sectors.
Where they got my name from I have no idea.

Subject: Natural Climate Variability
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 08:56:02 -0600
Thread-Topic: Natural Climate Variability
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From: "Joel Smith" <>
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Dr. Jones:
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the US is interested in sponsoring a
workshop to review the state of knowledge on natural climate variability. EPRI is
interested in this partly to help get a better handle on the attribution matter. They're
not doubting the contribution of anthropogenic influences on climate. Nonetheless, as we
look more at attribution, e.g., estimating the role of anthropogenic forcings at the
regional scale and for specific extreme climate events, it is important to improve our
understanding of natural variability. In addition, if there is movement to eventually
set a global mean temperature target for climate change, then understanding the range of
natural variability is even more critical.
EPRI would like to put out an RFP to those who might be interested in organizing a
workshop. The goal of the workshop would be to review the state of knowledge on natural
climate variability, assess how well the climate models are capturing it, and define a
research agenda.
I am wondering if you or someone from your group might be interested in organizing such
a workshop? The workshop does not need to be in the U.S.
We'd be happy to send the RFP to you, when it is ready to go. I'd be happy to supply
more information or call you (although I am out most of next week.)
Joel Smith
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