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date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 20:15:53 +0100
from: Clare Goodess <>
subject: Re: Exhibit so far

Dear all

A bit of blackmail works wonders! Though this means a final bit of
work from us.

Best thing is to iterate edits amongst ourselves tomorrow, before
sending a joint response to Laura.


At 20:12 15/08/2006, Clare Goodess wrote:
>Dear Laura
>At last it seems that we finally have the basis for proper exchange
>and negotiation on the text and CRU contributions.
> From your responses to our face-to-face discussions last week and
> emails earlier this week, it seemed to us that there was no such
> basis because you were not prepared to take on board anything that
> we proposed. Your refusal to include the global temperature time
> series despite insistence from Phil and myself was the last straw.
> Hence our decision that the best thing was to pull out of part of
> the exhibition.
>I think that the text you've sent still needs a lot of work, but I
>think is sufficiently improved to allow further modification and
>dialogue tomorrow.
>For example, I would still like to see a bit more detailed
>discussion of natural/anthropogenic forcing and attribution and also
>a mention of model reliability. I think that this would be rather
>more informative/educational than the bullet points about UEA
>scientists. So could be included without unduly increasing the word count.
>In order to better inform our editing tomorrow, it would be very
>helpful if you could send us the text for what were panels 3 to 5
>but may have changed number.
>Could you tell us whether the 'Talking Heads' section will still be
>included and if so, which scientists will be involved?
>Finally, please remember that an acknowledgement to data sources,
>including the Hadley Centre (you have the wording for this), needs
>to be included either on Panel 6 or on the acknowledgements panel.
>Would it be possible to see the text for the latter?
>Best wishes, Clare

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