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date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 17:41:55 +0000
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: various matters
to: "H.J. Schellnhuber" <>

Dear John,

I trust that your emotions have not been too hard on you.

I would like to update you on a few things and to see whether I can impose
on your diary for some strategic events in the future. If you are free
next week, could we arrange a telephone call to discuss some of these
things either Tuesday (6th Nov.) or Wednesday (7th) between 10am and 12noon?

1. The Tyndall Advisory Board meets on Monday 17th December in
London. That evening - at about 5.30pm - Lord May, President of the Royal
Society, and Charles Clarke, our Norwich MP and one of Tony Blair�s Cabinet
Members (and tipped as a possible successor to Tony Blair), would like to
invite you to the House of Lords to a small reception to meet them and a
select groups of colleagues. The purpose would be for them to meet you and
hear some of your ideas for the future of the Tyndall Centre and how it can
support UK science and policy on climate change. Trevor and myself are
also invited. We hope you will be able to attend the Board meeting and
accept the House of Lords invitation.

2. The open call for proposals for Tyndall Round 2 has been made and the
process is to invite 3-page outline ideas by 11 December. I am sending you
the relevant documents in the post. Theme Managers will have an important
role to play in the process of screening and solicitation. I am keen to
make sure that any priority ideas you have for funding get a profile in
these outlines, so maybe we could talk about this sometime. I have
arranged for Rachel, Alex and Jonathan to visit UEA on Friday 16th November
for us to discuss RT1 priorities.

3. We are scheduling our next Research Management Team meeting for Friday
11th January, again probably in London. The purpose of this is to review
the outline research proposals for Round 2 and to select those that we wish
to see go forward for full development. Again I very much hope that you
will be able to join us for that most important meeting. We have
�2,600,000 at stake. We need to have an independent moderator present for
that meeting. I invited Chris Rapley but he is in the Antarctic. I am
thinking that maybe John Murlis from the Environment Agency may be a good
alternative. Do you have any views on this?

4. We have been approached by the Foreign Office to convene a one-day
Tyndall Symposium on �Climate change and the Arctic�. This would be held
in Norwich in May 2002. Bob Correll is very keen to come to the UK and
talk about the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment and it is a good chance to
get Bob to visit the Tyndall Centre. This would be a select group of 40-50
from science and government to discuss why the UK community should be
engaged with Arctic climate change issues. We will be inviting a
government minister (Peter Hain) to attend. As well as Bob speaking, we
would like to invite you to talk about integrated approaches to
global/regional environmental change. Date to be determined.

Best wishes,



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