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date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 15:18:17 +1200 (NZST)
from: (Jim Salinger)
subject: Re: NZ Tree Ring Work
to: Phil Jones <>

Dear Phil

Jonathon and I have now discussed the matter fully, and we have agreed.
You have his response which he sent after 28 hours in the air, and he was
suffering jet-lag!

Anyway, we think the co-operative and collaborative way is the method to
make progress. By this, we mean true collaboration, where information is
shared, data processing together, and joint publications making the
approach a partnership. By this means, we can add all our own specialised
input into the process, and produce a better result!

So, if we are able to proceed on that basis, then we will be both
comfortable with arrangements. I feel comfortable about working with Ed,
but do not know Ricardo, and Rosanne might have to change her way of
working - rather than bypassing us as in the past.

As you know, this year I will be working on collection of older MSLP data
from the area and homogenising it. Some of the NZ MSLP data pre 1930 is
very poor, and requires refining dramatically. I think we would favour an
approach where Jonathon can give the input on tree-ring data and I can give
the input and provide the climate data, rather than this coming from a
third party. This would be appropriate, because we are both aware of the
bugs in the data, and the complexities of the New Zealand situation.

Phil - so this is a mandate for you to propose collaboration with Ed and
his group. If looked on favourable, then I think it would be most useful
for me to draft out a small agreement capturing the essence of the above
that can be confirmed by all parties - this then makes the basis of the
collaboration clear.

As part of this, we would be most interested in seeing Lamont's NSF
proposal, so that we might be able to strengthen it. Please ask Ed to
contact me directly - My contacts are at the bottom of this.

I await your response.



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