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date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 09:49:18 -0700
from: Kevin Trenberth <>
subject: Re: IPCC WG1 Observations ppt
to: Peter Lemke <>

Hi Peter
I am a bit alarmed about all of these slides as being too complex and
not using material from the chapters enough.

For instance Fig 4.13 I found easy to understand but your first slide is
not easy: why is Europe in blue going up in a and level in b when the
glaciers are retreating? The reason is because this shows the rate of
change not the result of the change isn't it?

In your second slide I do like the Larsen B ice shelf picture and that
provides a nice back drop for some explanation of the new bullet (which
is good). But why include the 3 panels on the left? What do they add?

I am not sure the next two are needed especially in their current form.
None of these are in the chapter. They add too much new material. In
my last ppt version I added some place holders taking some figures from
the chapter as they are part of the picture that "global warming is
unequivocal". I would urge you to include the first two I had, plus one
of yours based on the Larsen B slide but with the message from the
bullet added, or something like that.


Peter Lemke wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> please find enclosed a ppt-file addressing issues of Chapter 4.
> Slide 1: addresses SPM-312 and 314. I suggest to accept 312. The
> figure (4.15 from the chapter) indicates an increased rate of change
> after about 1990. But I do not think that we have an indication of an
> acceleration (continuously increasing rate of change).
> Slides 2,3 and 4: address the increased flow speed of tributary
> glaciers after retreat/thinning/loss of ice shelves or floating
> glacier tongues in Antarctica and Greenland (comments SPM-349 to 353)
> I did not find any critical comments concerning snow, sea ice and
> frozen ground. Therefore I did not prepare any slides for theses topics.
> Best regards,
> Peter
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