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cc:,alex Haxeltine <>
date: Wed Apr 21 09:12:19 2004
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: California
to: "Guido Franco" <>

Dear Guido,
Following my earlier message to you, may I now commend to you my colleague Dr Alex
Haxeltine as a speaker from the Tyndall Centre for this event. Dr Haxeltine is our
international science co-ordinator and is also active in leading some of our research on
integrated assessment. He would be able to communicate very effectively some of the
contributions the Tyndall Centre is making in these areas and he is available for these
May I suggest that you contact him directly <> so that you can
arrange the necessary details.
Thank you again for inviting us to this important event; we look forward to new
opportunities for sharing knowledge and research with you,
Best wishes,
Mike Hulme
At 07:41 05/04/2004 -0700, you wrote:

Profs. Schellnhuber and Hulme,
As you may know, the Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program managed by the
California Energy Commission has created a research center on climate change to inform
the policy debate in our state. We have core research going on in Scripps/UC San Diego
and UC Berkeley and additional work at different institutions such as Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This center is known as
the California Climate Change Center.
We are organizing a conference on climate change. The objectives for our first
conference are to:
� Present findings produced by PIER sponsored researchers working with the California
Climate Change Center (Center).
� Provide a forum for those not working with PIER, but working on regional
climate-change issues, to interact and exchange information with PIER climate change
technical staff and associated researchers.
� Formally introduce the California Climate Change Center as one of the main nexus for
climate change research in the state of California
� Present research results on climate change research in such a way so that
cross-disciplinary discussion can occur among individuals from very disparate
backgrounds (e.g. economics, atmospheric sciences, ecology, policy, etc.).
� Provide a venue for interactions among climate change researchers on mostly
California-specific issues following a major conference organized by the Air Resources
Board dealing with broad global climate change issues.
The audience for this conference will consist primarily of researchers, technical staff,
and managers from PIER, research institutions performing work for PIER, and other
organizations devoted to climate change research. However, the presentations will also
be tailored to make sure that important polcy relevant findings are clearly presented.
This will make the conference of interes to policy makers and to the public in general.
Clarity is also a requirement to facilitate productive conversations between researchers
from multiple disciplines.
We were wondering if we could have a representative from the Tyndall Center to give us a
short presentation on your work dealing with impacts and adaptationn options in your
country. We could cover the travel expenses for this person.
The conference will take place in Sacramento, California on June 9th and 10th of this
year. A meeting of experts on regional climate modeling will follow on June 11th and
12th. Your representative is also welcome to attend this meeting.
Please let me know if you would be, at least in principle, willing to send a
representative from your Center.
Guido Franco
P.S. Tentative List of Presentations and Speakers
Climate Detection and Attribution
Ben Santer (LLNL)
Preliminary Evaluation of the Potential Impacts of Climate Change in CA.
Joel Smith (Stratus Consulting)
PIER Climate Change Research Strategy
Guido Franco and Alan Sanstad (CEC and LBNL)
Potential Carbon Markets in California: Lessons from Other Programs
Alex Farrel(UC Berkeley)
Emissions Abatement Technology Innovation and Diffusion
Margaret Taylor (UC Berkeley)
California Energy Balances
Lynn Price (LBNL)
Changes in Stream Flow and Temperatures in the Western United States and Fluctuations in
the North Pacific Oscillation in the last 100 years
Dan Cayan et al. (Scripps)
Sea Level and Coastal Wave Fluctuations: An Historical Perspective
Peter Bromirski (Scripps)
Potential of Carbon Sequestration in California Forests
Sandra Brown and/or John Kadyszewski (Winrock)
Potential of Carbon Sequestration in California Soils
Bill Salas and/or Dr. Li (Applied Geosolutions and U. of New Hampshire)
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model or California for Climate Change Studies
David Roland-Host and/or Peter Berck (UC Bekeley)
California Climate Data Archive
Kelly Redmond (WRCC)
Enhanced Climate Monitoring and Orographic Influences on Precipitation
Jessica Lundquist and Mike Dettinger (Scripps)
Regional Modeling Activities at UC Santa Cruz: Coastal Upwelling and Extreme Events
Lisa Sloan (UC Santa Cruz)
Coupled Atmospheric and Land Surface Models for the CA Region
Norm Miller (LBNL)
Climate Re-analysis for California
John Roads and/or Kanamitsu, Masao (Scripps)
Climate Impacts Group (University of Washington)
Ed Miles (University of Washinton)
Using Modern Forecasting Tools for the Management of Reservoirs in California: An
Adaptation Strategy
Kosta Georgakakos (HRC/SIO)
A New Approach Using the CALVIN Model: Water Resources Impacts
Jay Lund (UC Davis)
Water Reliability and Climate Change
Michael Hanemann (UC Berkeley)
A Need for a New Approach to Protect Biodiversity in California
Le Hannah (Conservation International)
Suggestions on How to Treat Uncertainty in Regional Climate Change Studies
Steve Schneider (Stanford)
>>> 04/02/04 04:55AM >>>
PS For the workshop, there is a climate newsletter that I can send a notice out - if you
like. Do you want a lot of people to attend?

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