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date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 16:04:22 -0700
from: Lee Hannah <L.HANNAHatXYZxyzSERVATION.ORG>
subject: Thank you and next steps
to: "Alan Pounds (E-mail)" <>, "Andy Dobson (E-mail)" <>, "Bob Watson (E-mail)" <>, "Brian Huntley (E-mail)" <>, "Camille Parmesan (E-mail)" <>, "Carlos Nobre (E-mail)" <>, "Chris Thomas (E-mail)" <>, "Daniel Scott (E-mail)" <>, "Godfrey Hewitt (E-mail)" <>, "Guy Midgley (E-mail)" <>, "Hank Shugart (E-mail)" <>, "Henry Hoogiemstra (E-mail)" <>, "Jeff Price (E-mail)" <>, "John McManus (E-mail)" <>, "Jonathan Overpeck (E-mail)" <>, "Matt McGlone (E-mail)" <>, "Mike Hulme (E-mail)" <>, "Sharon Cowling (E-mail)" <>, "Steve Schneider (E-mail)" <>, "Terry Root (E-mail)" <>, "Thomas Karl (E-mail)" <>, "Town Peterson (E-mail)" <>, "Vera Markgraf (E-mail)" <>

Dear Authors,

We now have manuscripts for nearly all chapters and case studies. Since we
haven't been able to acknowledge all of the manuscripts individually as they
arrived, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your
efforts and give you a preview of our next steps together.

Tom and I will be editing through the first week of August. By mid-August,
we should have comments to all authors. This first round of comments will
be intended to adjust length, mesh content between chapters and fill in any
gaps that become apparent. This will be followed by a round of author's
revisions, at which time you will have a chance to bring our comments on
board, put on any polishing touches that you would like to make, as well as
placing text and figures into final format. Tom and I will then provide a
second edit to resolve any final details. The full manuscript will go to
Yale in November for review by the Press and external review. There may be
additional comments at that time, but we hope that these later adjustments
will be minor.

Also in the next two weeks, we will be sending out a package of materials
for you from Yale University Press. This will include author information
forms, format instructions for text and figures, and copyright forms. You
are probably familiar with all of these, but they are important, so please
take time to look through them carefully. If you have any questions about
the materials from the Press or our schedule over the next few months,
please don't hesitate to contact me.

For those few who have not yet submitted a manuscript, this is the eleventh
hour. Please try to get something to us (even a draft with rough edges)
next week to avoid delaying the whole group.

Thank you again for your efforts to date, and please bear with us as we
proceed with the exciting work making this excellent group of manuscripts a
unified volume.


Tom and Lee

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