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date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 22:17:02
from: Alastair Grant <>
subject: six day creation

I've done a little thinking about your problem. I wonder whether it might
be worthwhile trying to tackle the underlying issues about the relationship
between scientific method and scripture, rather than tackling the
creationism head on? If you you for the creationist jugular, then you
automatically get into a confrontation and, as you noted, the creationist
views may be so closely ingrained into his whole thinking that movement on
this might undermine a major part of his faith.

Hooykas particularly springs to mind (I have a copy of religion and the
rise of modern science, if you don't) but there is some relevant material
in Colin Russel's books too. You might also try discussing the Galileo
issue as an example of where most would now agree that the church got it
wrong on the basis of scriptural interpretation (albeit the catholics
rather than BCS!).

Another possible approach is the literature which looks at the theological
context of the Genesis narrative and argues that it is couched as a polemic
against the Babylonian creation myth rather than being primarily designed
as a science text book (Blocher would be a start on this, but I've got a
useful book by Wiseman that discusses this in detail from a very
conservative perspective). But I suspect that line may not cut much ice.

Hope this is of some help,

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