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cc: Phil Jones <>
date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:31:00 -0600
from: Kevin Trenberth <>
subject: IPCC AR4 Chapter 3 galleys
to: Brian Soden <>, "Parker, David" <>, Jim Renwick <>, Albert Klein Tank <>

Hi all
Yesterday I was at a seminar and Susan was there. She had with her a
full color typeset copy of our chapter. She was thrilled with it but
going over it carefully before we get it. FYI, Phil and I dealt with
the copy-editing fairly promptly. Once again we are leading the way.
Our chapter will be the first sent out in galley form for proof
reading. In part this is also because I have 4 trips in April and I am
tied up after April 6. Accordingly, our goal is to complete the proof
reading by then or soon after: Phil will be available.

Phil and I have decided we would like the help of you four to do the
proof reading. As you know we have 100 pages or so and thus one gets
weary reading after a while and one tends to see what you expect to see
rather than what is really there. Accordingly, we decided to ask for
your help in proof reading. The task is for you to focus on specific
sections and go over those carefully. Of course you may browse the
rest. The suggestion is that we allocate this as follows

David Parker, sections 3.2, 3.3, Appendix 3A and FAQ 3.1
Brian Soden; section 3.4 and FAQ 3.2
Jim Renwick: sections 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7
Albert Klein-Tank: sections 3.8 and FAQ 3.3

Now the problem is that there have been a number (quite a lot) of very
minor changes in the copy editing stage. Many are stylistic to make
things uniform among chapters. Some Phil and I objected to and we do
not know if those held or were changed again. Also there were several
problems with figures that crept in. I am attaching the correction list
we sent back. At this stage we must not change things just because we
can make it better. We should change it if it is wrong.

I am sending this now to alert you that this could well happen next week.
Let us know if you are unavailable.
I am not sure whether to send to you the copy edited version of the text
or not?

Kevin E. Trenberth e-mail:
Climate Analysis Section,
P. O. Box 3000, (303) 497 1318
Boulder, CO 80307 (303) 497 1333 (fax)

Street address: 1850 Table Mesa Drive, Boulder, CO 80305


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