Friday, March 30, 2012


cc: Eugene
date: Mon Sep 15 15:37:52 1997
from: Keith Briffa <>
to: Stepan

problems have now certainly arisen as regards the payment for your laboratory. I am just back from Sweden and have been able to confirm after a long search by my bank that the payment for you was indeed returned to England. At this moment it is not certain where it is - only that it has reduced in size from 7948 u.s.dollars to 7885 dollars. If it is officially returned to my account it will be coverted to 4869 pounds sterling - a total loss of 131 pounds to get back to where we started! I am told that the transfer failed because 'through operations are not for this type of account' - which means I messed up by writing your name in the details box. I am told that I can resend the remaining money cheaper if I simply repeat the original transaction (oviously with no comments this time) but this would mean sending it to Eugene and him transfering it someway to you. I need to know immediately if this is acceptable to you . If not I will recollect the 4869 pounds and reconvert to dollars and send it to wherever you tell me. Please let me know straight away the best thing to do .
it was nice seeing you
best wishes

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