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date: Fri, 20 May 2005 15:50:28 +0100
from: Clare Goodess <>
subject: Re: Notes from meeting on CRU website 2005-05-19
to: Mike Salmon <>,

Hi Mike

Thanks a lot for this.

In terms of new information sheets, we also agreed to have one on impacts -
to be led by Mick with inputs from Tom and Clare.

And on a slightly separate issue, I said I would ask the new UEA science
communications officer (Nicky Barrell) to come and talk to CRU.


At 12:20 20/05/2005, Mike Salmon wrote:
>Attending: Clare, Mick, Nathan, Dimitrios, Malcolm, Gerard, Harry, DavidL,
>Mike, Carol, MattS, Kate
>(I think that's all, but I forgot to take a list at the time - apologies
>if I missed you out)
>Apologies: Keith, Tim, DavidV, Craig
>--- Front page
>There should be a "press release" for every paper CRU produces - authors
>These will be linked from the News section as they appear.
>Mick suggested they could also be submitted to
>Changes to website (eg. dataset updates) should go into News section too.
>Consider providing RSS feed of News section.
>--- About CRU
>Needs tweaking? Clare
>--- Data
>Referred to the Data Comittee. Craig
>--- Information sheets
>Many need updating:
>3: UK weather and climate - Phil
>4: UK Climate indicators - Clare
>5: The millenial temperature record - Gerard/Phil
>6: The Holocene - Keith
>7: Thermohaline circulation - Tim
>8: Modelling climate change - Clare/DavidV
>9: Climate change scenarios - Clare
>10: Sea level rise - Sarah/Mick
>11: North Atlantic Oscillation - Tim
>12: El Ni�o and the Southern Oscillation and their influence - Malcolm
>13: Volcanoes and their effect on climate - DavidV
>14: Applied climatology - remove
>15: Changing intensity of rainfall over Britain - Tim
>New ones to be written:
>Extremes - Amanda/Clare/Ben/TomH
>Abrupt Climate Change - Tim
>? - Nathan
>Global Dimming and Brightening - Mick
>Seasonal Climate Prediction - MattS/Clare
>Drought in the Sahel - AndyM/Nick/Mick
>Should also produce PDF versions for better handouts.
>Do the stats include search engines?
>--- Research Projects
>Deferred to subsequent meeting
>--- Staff & Students
>Encourage home pages more.
>Provide boilerplate homepage for new users.
>--- Academic Programmes
>Carol will co-ordinate PhD pages particularly aimed towards prospective
>--- Publications
>Database has not been updated since December. Julie/Mike to fix.
>--- Climate Monitor Online
>Is gridded visualisation in step with Data page? Mike to check/fix.
>News from new Tiempo Cyberclimate NewsWatch?
>Next meeting will be to discuss the Research Projects section over a
>bring-and-share lunch, date TBD.

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