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date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 11:42:51 -0400 (EDT)
subject: Re: preprint request

Dear Tim,

Thanks for your response. I'll look forward to you, Keith, Ray, and
Malcolm corresponding re the Science piece in my absence.

I'll instruct Rob Allan to send you out preprints of the two Allan
et al papers, and Ed Cook/Heidi Cullen to keep you abreast of the
Cullen et al manuscript (which has been in preparation, forever it

THe Delworth and Mann paper can be downloaded off the web in postscript
pieces here:

( is the manuscript, the other files the figures).
It is likely to change significantly after review (we've already had
some important comments by Suki Manabe and Isaac Held which we plan
to take into account), so will keep you posted on any updates in the
status of the paper.

Looking forward to staying in touch.



p.s. We should think about the possibility, sometime in the next year
or so, of you coming out to U.Va for a week or two to work on stuff
of mutual interest. Let me know how you feel about this, and we could
keep it on the backburner. I had mentioned this possibility to Phil,
and he seemed to think it would be a great idea...
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