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date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 16:31:39 +0100
from: "Humphrey, Kathryn (GA)" <kathryn.humphreyatXYZxyzRA.GSI.GOV.UK>
subject: 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Young person initiative on climate ch
to: "Geoff Jenkins (E-mail)" <>, "Mike Hulme (E-mail)" <>


Please see the email exchange below about an educational initiative on the Day After
Tomorrow. I spoke to David Warrilow about it and he wondered if either of you might be
interested in fielding some Hadley/Tyndall scientists to help with the events? If you could
have a think about it and let me know that would be great- phone number below.

Kind Regards

Kathryn Humphrey

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From: Humphrey, Kathryn (GA)
Sent: 15 June 2004 15:41
To: ''
Subject: FAO David Warrilow/Sarah Hendry: 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Young person
initiative on climate change


Please see the exchange below on an idea for an initiative involving the Day After Tomorrow
and Film Education which is part of the Film Council (DCMS' remit). After a conversation
with David King they want to show screenings of TDAT to school kids and them get them to
debate it afterwards. From a Defra point of view, they're looking for an expert who can go
along and help with the debates. Also mentioned funding, as a matter of course, but it
looks like Fox is footing the bill.

From an education/Article 6 point of view seems like a very good idea to me; do you have
any thoughts on whether we could field anyone or if you want to get involved in any other
way? There is a meeting on Thursday so if you have any pressing comments you can send
them to me before then if you have any free time. DTI seems to be leading.

Hope all is well in Bonn!

Kind Regards


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From: Chambers, Paul (SEP)
Sent: 15 June 2004 14:45
To: Porter, Mike A (CD)
Cc: Humphrey, Kathryn (GA)
Subject: RE: 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Young person initiative on climate cha nge


It does look very good to me. I'm sure we and GA will want to be involved - let me know how
you get on after Thursday and we can circulate details to Henry and others.


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From: Porter, Mike A (CD)
Sent: 15 June 2004 14:30
To: Chambers, Paul (SEP)
Subject: FW: 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Young person initiative on climate cha nge
Importance: High


Thought you should be aware of this one . First impressions are v.favourable.

Would have thought we could usefully ( for corporate profile, if nothing else) supply an
expert at the screenings alongside someone from DTi.

Paul Richards talks about funding - but I'm not yet clear what for - as most of the
elements he mentions are being covered by Fox.

I'm attending a meeting on this Thursady a.m at DTi - if you have any views gratfeul if I
could have them asap.



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From: Richards Paul (Mr PA) []
Sent: 11 June 2004 15:02
To: Grout Nick (Mr ND); Hernandez Tino (Mr AF); ''; Porter,
Mike A (CD)
Cc: Kass Gary (Mr GS)
Subject: 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Young person initiative on climate cha nge
Importance: High





For Mike's benefit, the background to this is: Dave King met Lord Puttnam for lunch and
the 20th Century Fox film 'The Day After Tomorrow' came into the conversation. They agreed
that the film could be a useful vehicle for raising awareness about climate change amongst
young people. A call from Lord Puttnam to Fox led to a call from Fox to Dave. Fox,
needless to say, were keen to take something forward. This led to a meeting between Fox
and Dave and to us then receiving the proposal below from Fox.

I have been asked to lead on our initial response to the proposal and I am seeking your
help in doing so.

On the face of it, the proposal looks very good. In our initial response, I would like to
give an indication of interested parties within Government, who might provide funding, how
this initiative dovetails with our other activities and, in practical terms, who will be
doing what. So that we can begin to explore these issues I wonder if you would be free to
attend a short (no more than hour) meeting next week. My preference would be Wednesday
16th. Could I thus ask you to let me know by midday on Monday whether you are willing to
help in developing our initial response and, if so, whether you or a colleague are free to
attend a meeting here in 1 Vic Street on Wednesday (timing to be dependent on most
convenient time for everyone).

Happy to discuss. Many thanks.


Paul Richards
Public Engagement with Science and Technology Team
Office of Science and Technology
Department of Trade and Industry
Bay 4136
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET
Tel: 020-7215-6146
Fax: 020-7215-3830

Dear Gary and Antony,

Good to meet you last week. We have since spoke to our colleagues in Home Entertainment
and Film Education and we have come up with the following proposal.

Film Education ([1] is a body supported by the film industry through
the Film Council, charged with bringing film to children through the National Curriculum.
One of their key initiatives is National Schools Film Week, which runs from October 11 - 15
(October 25 - 29 in Scotland). We propose to screen the film to secondary school children
in the locations listed below on Thursday . Each screening would be followed by a panel
discussion featuring experts in the fields of science, technology and the environment. The
screenings would target students of geography, science and citizenship. (Others tbc ?)

Film Education will facilitate the cinema bookings and recruitment. This service will be
free of charge. Fox will provide the print and supporting publicity content free of
charge. DTI will provide the experts and cover their expenses. Also, we may need a host
or moderator at each event which ideally should be covered by the DTI.

Film Education will use Fox publicity materials and DTI content to produce a downloadable
pdf study guide to accompany the programme.

Film Education will also look to do separate screenings for the "Young and Gifted"
programme on this date. Ian Wall will come back with further detail on this.

Film Education publicists will work with local newspapers on the project. Again, this is
an area where the DTI can be very involved.

Fox HE will look at providing some sort of bounce back mechanic for the DVD launch. For
example, an "�X off" voucher redeemable against the DVD at a retailer tbc.

Suggested locations (300 seaters):


The first stage of such an exercise would be to forewarn teachers via an e-mail alert
before the summer holidays begin.

Please let us know if this is the sort of activity that you are happy to support.


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