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Dear Friends

You may recall I put in a bid under the University's New Professional
Initiative, for a possible Chair and Programme in Governance for

The aim was not just to establish UEA as a lead institution in this area. It
was also designed to create a core of joint research support amongst social
scientists in the wider arena of governance.

I have just hear from the Vice-Chancellor that there is no money in the NPI
for this position, and that it is unlikely that there will be any new move
in the NPI direction for at least 18 months. This is a setback. But I hope
we can still be positive about establishing a network of interested
researchers in this theme.

So I hope that it may be possible to maintain a dialogue on this general
topic. As many of you know, I am organising a workshop on this theme as part
of the Zuckerman week on Friday 5 September. Many of you have been invited
to that. If anyone else would like to come, please let me know. The workshop
will be held in the ZICER Seminar Room at 10.00 on Friday 5 September. A
copy of the programme is attached.

In addition, Brian Salter and I would like to establish a governance network
across the university. To this end he has suggested a regular seminar on the
topic. The first one is scheduled for Monday 24 November at 17.00 (in a room
to be agreed). Ted Tapper of the University of Sussex will talk of the
politics of governance and the RAE. I will also summarise the main findings
of the 5 September workshop.

We would be grateful if you would keep this date in your diaries. We will
give you more details in due course. If you know of any colleague who also
might be interested, please also let me know.

Best wishes
Tim O'Riordan

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