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date: Fri May 22 14:20:08 2009
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: WG tests
to: C G Kilsby <>

I am not going to be in the UK June 17-20. I'll be in Boulder, CO.
So, if launch is 18th and your new friend does what he says, you'll
have to explain.
Colin is finishing off a series of plots of the WG for the 10 key sites.
All is still going well.
He will also do some extra plots which can be used to explain Fig 5 - in the WG Report
somewhat more. As you know this is the WG fitted to the base RCM run.
Users shouldn't think these plots indicate futures for LHR. The deltas are
OK, but this RCM has about 30-50% more sunshine hours in the control run
cf the observed. It took us a worried 10 minutes this morning to realise this.

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