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date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 12:17:46 +0100
from: "Ian Dwyer" <>
subject: Ministers
to: <>


Attached is a draft letter (and enclosure) to ministers, inviting
them to the opening. Could you have a look to make sure it is ok? If
you can do this today, it would be particularly helpful.

In particular, note the reference to dates. Would you be content if
ministers chose a date after COP6?

I am a little worried about the mention of abrupt climate change
(Ursula got this from speaking to you, apparently). A proposal (to
NERC) is being written for a multi-million pound programme
investigating the processes involved, and even then there is debate
about whether it can go as far as assigning probabilities. Thus, I am
concerned because I can't see how the centre will not have the
resources/remit for the amount of uni-disciplined, process modelling
required, and it may look as if NERC is funding this twice. Can we,
instead, refer to changing frequencies of extreme weather events,

Thanks for the annexes

Ian Dwyer
Global Change Coordinator
Natural Environment Research Council
Polaris House
North Star Avenue
Swindon SN2 1EU
Tel: 01793 411511
Fax: 01793 411584

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