Sunday, April 1, 2012


date: Fri Feb 8 15:02:44 2008
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: The Wengen Last Chance Saloon
to: Jonathan Overpeck <>


Hopefully by the end of next week, or early the week after we'll be sending out
a draft of the Wengen paper. Keith, Tim and I are just finishing it off.
We'd given up on you sending us something on low-resolution terrestrial
proxies. This didn't matter, but a month ago we got sent a couple of
pages (attached) on marine low-res proxies (from Michael Schulz who was at
In the next few days, can you write a couple of pages on terrestrial
low-res proxies - varves mainly. We don't really want the bullshit and
optimistic stuff that Michael has written that sounds as though it could have
been written by a coral person 25 years ago. We'll have to cut out some of his
What we want is good honest stuff, warts and all, dubious dating, interpretation
marginally better etc.
Are you going to Henry Diaz's meeting on Tahiti at the beginning of April
- on paleo ENSO? He's retired from NOAA and is now working for CIRES -
still living in Hawaii though, so same Henry.

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