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cc: "Asher Minns" <>
date: Thu Feb 19 09:08:27 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Dana Centre - Climate Change events
to: amanda tyndall <>

Dear Amanda,
Not sure whether you've sent your email to more people/groups here at UEA, but
I'm cc'ing this reply to Asher Minns at the Tyndall Centre here at UEA. This centre's
is Solutions to the Climate Change problems. Tyndall here have lunchtime discussions on
the sorts of issues you raise, so seem much more appropriate for your debates.
In the Climatic Research Unit, we are more in the science area - what is happenning,
is it unusual and what might happen etc. We also look at possible impacts, but Tyndall
is clearly on solutions, policy and lifestyles.
There is a growing group of skeptics in the UK with an email exchange forum and
occasional letters to the press. They debate the science, generally rubbishing all work
that tries to say the climate is changing. By doing this they believe they are creating
uncertainty in the public's mind, so solutions aren't needed as there isn't a problem. My
view would be you need two themes, one on the science and one on the solutions. Trying
to mix the two always brings the debate back to the science. To have a good debate on
solutions, you have to get the audience/speakers to accept the science (the IPCC best
guess for the future for example - the UKCIP02 scenarios for the UK). The science debate
wouldn't get to solutions and should precede the debate on solutions.
At 17:45 18/02/2004 +0000, you wrote:

Dear Professor Jones,
I am writing to introduce myself as a content development researcher for the Science
Museum in London.
As you may be aware, November of last year saw the opening of a brand new Science Museum
events space the Dana Centre which will aims to bring the latest in contemporary science
to life. It will be the place in the UK where the public and scientists come together,
and will form the focal point of informed, informal and ongoing dialogue (see
[1] for details). The events held here blend the best of
science, art, performance and multimedia to allow the public to engage with the issues
which concern them most.
I am currently putting together the programme for a two-part event aimed at stimulating
dialogue about Radical Solutions to Climate Change, with a particular focus on the
effects that our lifestyle choices have on people in developing countries.
Part one of the event, scheduled for the end of March, will consist of two 2-hour
dialogue/brainstorming sessions,where the attendees discuss the pros and cons of six
radical solutions to climate change with experts in the field (with each expert
allocated/chosing a specific solution to promote/defend). Part two, scheduled for late
April or early May, will be an interactive forum theatre piece (for an adult audience)
based on the discussions and decisions that arise from these sessions.
I am, therefore, looking for experts in various aspects of climate change who will
participate in the brainstorming session and/or be present at the performances of the
forum theatre piece, and I was wondering if this is something that you might potentially
be interested in.
Should the idea interest you, I would love to talk about all of this in more detail and
can send you more detail of the form that the events will take. Please do not hesitate
to contact me if you have any queries, and I hope to hear from you in the near future.
Best wishes,
Amanda Tyndall
01273 697 278
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