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date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 16:47:02 -0600
from: (Jonathan T. Overpeck)
subject: Important Meeting

Keith: Here's the official letter.... Please let me know asap if you can
make it to this key meeting. Thanks and hope all is going well! Peck

Dear Colleagues,

The PAGES SSC and CLIVAR SSG intend to establish a joint working group
(WG) with the aim of promoting paleoclimatic studies relevant to the
objectives of CLIVAR and using the expertise of the CLIVAR modellers to
provide better interpretations of paleoclimatic data. This PAGES/CLIVAR WG
will be co-chaired by JC. Duplessy and J. Overpeck. The purpose of this
letter is to alert you to the fact that you will soon receive an official
invitation to participate as a member of this WG and to attend the first
meeting of the WG in October.

The first CLIVAR workshop devoted to the study of decadal an centennial
variability will be held in Villefranche sur mer (France) during the week
Oct. 28 to November 1st. One of the first objectives of the PAGES/CLIVAR
WG should be to prepare a presentation for this meeting that 1) summarizes
the main paleo activities which are relevant to CLIVAR and 2) suggests
strategies for increased PAGES-CLIVAR interaction. For this reason, the
most efficient time/place for the first PAGES/CLIVAR WG meeting would be
just before the Villefranche CLIVAR meeting.

Although the WG is not yet formally established, both PAGES and CLIVAR
offices will soon organize the first meeting of the WG in Villefranche sur
mer on Oct. 24-25, 1996. Attached is the preliminary participant list. A
more complete description of PAGES/CLIVAR interests (including the official
terms of reference) will be sent to you later in the summer.

Please note that you are also encouraged (optional) to attend the Oct. 28 -
Nov. 1 CLIVAR meeting just following our WG meeting.

We hope that the Oct 24-25 date is open for you and that you will be able
to participate as a member of the PAGES/CLIVAR WG. Please respond to either
of us as soon as possible with news of whether you can participate
(expenses paid) or not.

Thank you.

Jonathan Overpeck and Jean-Claude Duplessey (Co-chairs)

List of invited participants:

E. Barron , L. Bengtsson , R. Bradley, K. Briffa, M. Cane , J. Cole, W.
Curry, J-C. Duplessy, M. Gagan, M. Hughes , S. Joussame , J. Jouzel, T. Oba
, J. Overpeck , J. Paetzold , D. Rind, J. Shukla, L. Thompson

Dr. Jonathan T. Overpeck
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
National Geophysical Data Center
325 Broadway E/GC
Boulder, CO 80303

tel: 303-497-6172
fax: 303-497-6513

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