Sunday, April 1, 2012


date: Mon Dec 2 18:00:49 2002
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Article 2
to: welp_Martin

The initiative from Bert Metz and the Dutch I referred to in the tele-call is called:
"Helping Operationalise article Two (HOT): a science-based policy dialogue on fair and
effective ways to avoid dangerous interference with the climate system and post-Kyoto
The objective of the science-policy dialogue (led by RIVM Bert Metz - with TERI, Tyndall
Centre and COPPE) is to improve understanding amongst climate change policy stakeholders of
the scientific information that can help support decision making by UNFCCC Parties about
the level of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere that would constitute
dangerous interference with the climate system as covered by article 2 UNFCCC. It will
also facilitate discussions about the methodologies that could be applied to facilitate
decision-making on this topic by UNFCCC Parties.
Funding for Phase I is being sought now - from Dutch Government - Phase 2 to follow later
in 2003 from other sources.
ECF should explore what if any relationship it should have.

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