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date: Mon Jul 12 14:14:17 2004
from: Keith Briffa <>
subject: Re: Tree-ring plots
to: Michael Schulz <>

I am attaching a few powerpoint slides - showing a current version of the Swedish series
and the Finnish series . These will change very slightly (to reflect different
long-timescale preservation) but the basic pattern of variability will not change. The
first two Figures are annual values with bootstrapped 95% percent confidence limits. The
final Figure is the overlay of the two with confidence bands removed for clarity. Note that
the differences in the series often reflect low confidence in one or both series, The
differences around the Medieval time and the "Little Ice Age" (!) are less in our modified
data (still being worked on) but still maintain. I can produce numbers soon when we know
were we are with publishing the revised curve(s). These data can be interpreted as evidence
of summer temperature changes , on time scales up to multi-centennial , though millennial
trends are not represented
At 13:14 10/07/2004, you wrote:

Dear Keith,
Coming back to our brief chat in Utrecht on the tree-ring data from northern
Scandinavia, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a plot showing the two
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,
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