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date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:45:48 +0100
from: Craig Wallace <craig.wallaceatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Fwd: RE: Can you give a presentation for us?
to: cru.allatXYZxyz.ac.uk


Would anyone like to do this?


>I am event manager and writer for the above event, working with Science &
>Health Communications Ltd (www.scienceandhealth.co.uk) and the LEAs in
>Tyne and Wear.
>Shockwave (Mon 12- Wed 14 July 2004) is intended as a crisis management
>event involving 140 gifted and talented year 8/9 students (age 13)
>students from across Tyne and Wear. The programme will contain elements of
>leadership, communication, team working, problem solving and vocational
>pathway information. It will be entertaining and dramatic in order to
>engage the students. The event is being held at the assembly rooms in
>Newcastle upon Tyne (www.assemblyrooms.co.uk).
>I would like to invite you to give a talk at the event, as one of our key
>speakers. Would you be available at 10am on the 12th July to give a
>20-30min presentation and answer some questions?
>The 3 day event itself is a disaster-based scenario. We will divide the
>students into 12 groups of 10 for this event and within each group the
>students will be assigned different roles: secret services, emergency
>services, head of armed forces, chief government scientific officer, news
>reporter, transport minister, representative of special branch, head of
>emergency planning, and so on.
>The storyline in the morning of the 12th will look at the effects of
>global warming and sea level rise as well as the possible collapse of the
>WAIS. Also the effects of hight tides, storm surges and increased risk of
>flooding, particularly in the Thames Basin I would like to ask you to give
>a (30min) talk about your work and how this is relevant to the scenario we
>are presenting and then answer questions from the students. Although I ask
>for 30 minutes of your time, I hope that you may stay for the morning at
>the event to advise students on their decision making.
>I sincerely hope that you are able to help us with this exciting event.
>Obviously we would pay travelling expenses and overnight accomodation and
>I am sure that we can come to some suitable arrangement for your fee.
>I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, if you require any
>further information, do not hesitate to get in touch.
>Best wishes
>Jo Daymond
> Dr J Daymond
> Science & Health Communications Ltd
> 20 Wallace Street
> Newcastle Upon Tyne
> NE2 4AU
> T. 0191 233 0776
> M. 07946 302 591
> E. jo-annaatXYZxyzeyonder.co.uk

Dr. Craig Wallace
Senior Research Associate


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