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date: Wed Feb 6 13:36:32 2008
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: A warning for Feb 7-8
to: Robert Marsh <rmaatXYZxyz.soton.ac.uk>


Maybe you're the Robert Marsh giving a poster at a meeting of
paleo types in London tomorrow - Burlington House.
If not ignore this message.
You'll get one good talk from Jim Hansen. You'll
get one awful talk on the Friday from a Vincent Courtillot. If he
lays into me, or says the world isn't warming you have my permission
to go and put the boot it. Shouldn't be difficult.
Have emailed Jim as well.
Vincent is a prat, but he's a well connected prat - French Academy and all that.
He's been making life a misery for Eduoard Bard.
I can't make it - I'm just trying to help Eduoard!
If you're not the Robert Marsh, I can explain more next time we meet!
PS Some background if you can read french!
From: Edouard BARD <bardatXYZxyzege.fr>
Subject: London meeting
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Dear Phil,
Sorry to bother you again with this stuff, but it is important to keep you tuned.
Besides the informations sent previously (e.g. my messages pasted below), you should know
that Courtillot keeps saying and writing publicly that you did errors in your publications
and datasets available to the public. A further example is the video of his talk available
on the IPGP web site. In the front row of the packed audience, you can even see the
president of CNRS (Ms. Brechignac) and the former Director of Scientific Research of the
Ministry (Ms Giacobino). I paste below some comments (in French) that I wrote to colleagues
about when Courtillot lies about your work.
The main reason for my email is also to inform you about the forthcoming meeting in London
during which Courtillot will give a keynote lecture just after Jim Hansen ! The title of
his presentation is particularly appealing "Which global warming?".
This is the annual meeting of the British Geophysical Association "New Advances in
Geophysics" on the theme "Geophysics of Global Climate Change". "The aim of the meeting is
to bring together the diverse strands of geophysical research into climate change". The six
keynote speakers are the following
Dr. Jim Hansen, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Dr. Heiko Palike, NOC, Southampton
Prof. Vincent Courtillot, IPG, Paris
Dr. David Pyle, Oxford
Dr. Mark Siddall, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Prof. Paul Wilson, NOC, Southampton
More info can be found on the following web site:
I hope that you will be able to attend or that somebody from your lab will be able to
respond to the detailed accusations propagated by Courtillot.
Best wishes, Edouard

J'ai pris le temps de regarder la conf�rence de Courtillot � l'IPGP le 10 janvier
disponible en ligne sur le site web de l'IPGP: [2]http://www.ipgp.jussieu.fr/ , cliquer
sur actualit�s, s�minaires, vid�os, 10 janvier)
Beaucoup de choses � redire, mais ce serait trop long (en particulier au sujet de la
pirouette de la translation + homoth�tie pour l'irradiance solaire). Au sujet de la
courbe qu'ils ont intitul�e Tglobe, Courtillot dit tr�s distinctement:
Fichier "Expos� I" � 23 min et 40 sec.: "Cette courbe est bien de Monsieur Jones. Elle
est bien dans son article de 1999 de Reviews of Geophysics."
Fichier "Conclusions" � 7 min. et 30 sec.: "C'est eux qui se sont tromp�s. Quand nous,
nous avions pris cette courbe, il y a cinq ans dans l'article de Reviews of Geophysics,
on a bien �videmment admis que la l�gende de Jones et ses donn�es �taient vraies. Ce
sont bien ses donn�es, mais sa l�gende est fausse".
Toute personne qui prend ce fameux papier de Jones et al. (1999, Rev. Geophys.) peut
constater que ces deux assertions sont totalement FAUSSES. A noter que la pr�sidente du
CNRS est assise au premier rang.


Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 19:23:55 +0100
To: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
From: Edouard BARD <bardatXYZxyzege.fr>
Subject: additional file (attached PDF)
X-Attachments: :Macintosh HD:1254945:Pierrehumbert/Pasotti.pdf:
In complement to my email of last week (pasted below), I attach the Comment submitted by
Ray to Science.
Cheers, Edouard

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 16:19:42 +0100
To: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
From: Edouard BARD <bardatXYZxyzege.fr>
Subject: French daggers (+ 3 attached files)
X-Attachments: :Macintosh HD:1254945:VC-DroitReponse - Acad.doc: :Macintosh
HD:1254945:Acad01-08-SH.ppt: :Macintosh HD:929141:LeMonde16/1/08.pdf:
Hello Phil,
Ray sent a formal letter to Science. This is submitted for publication in the paper
version of Science. Given the size limit (300 words) he couldn't give many details about
the temperature data. An additional possibility for commenting is through what they call
an e-letter that goes quicker.
Note that during the 'Secret Committee' last Tuesday at the Academy, Courtillot and
All�gre ferociously accused me for organizing a plot against their institute IPGP. As I
told you, nobody was there to defend my case. Note also that Courtillot makes direct and
vicious attacks against you:
This started in the official 'Lettre de l'Acad�mie' in which he wrote a long interview
following the meetings in March 2007. I think you have this document already. You can
download it again from:
On page 3, Courtillot accuses you for hiding the temperature data and express his doubts
about your computations. On page 25, Courtillot writes:
"Je suis en discussion depuis nos journ�es avec le professeur Jones, un �change amical
et r�gulier pour essayer de voir si nous pouvons reprendre et comparer nos donn�es aux
leurs. Pour l'instant cela semble difficile, ce laboratoire ayant sign� un accord de
confidentialit� avec les fournisseurs de donn�es brutes ! Reconstituer cette base de
donn�es avec un acc�s aux donn�es de l'ensemble des stations m�t�orologiques du monde
est un travail consid�rable, puisque le professeur Jones a dans sa base de donn�es 3,7
millions de temp�ratures mensuelles depuis 1850. Or nous avons des doutes croissants sur
la validit� d'un calcul que pour l'instant nous n'avons pas tous les �l�ments pour
Last Tuesday, during the 'Secret Committee' at the Academy, Courtillot reiterated his
doubts and distributed to all academicians a text (attached Word file) and made a
powerpoint presentation (attached PPT file). This documents also includes the editorial
note that will be published by Rob van der Hilst in the next EPSL issue in order to
print my note added in proof and to clarify the data sources. Part of Courtillot's text
is already published in Le Monde (+ edits) and will be published in other major French
newspapers. On pages 5, 6 8, and in Le Monde Courtillot writes:
"Sans trop rentrer dans les d�tails techniques, il nous a �t� reproch� d'avoir utilis�
des donn�es dont les r�f�rences n'�taient pas ce que nous disions. Notamment une s�rie
de donn�es que nous attribuions � un chercheur britannique, M. Jones, n'�tait pas
reconnue par ce chercheur comme provenant de lui. Nous avons �tabli que ce chercheur
faisait erreur et que les donn�es �taient bien les siennes et que nous n'avions en rien
alt�r� ses donn�es. Nous les attribuions en revanche par erreur � tout un h�misph�re de
la terre alors qu'elles �taient en fait r�duites � la zone de latitudes allant de 20�N
au p�le. Cette confusion r�sulte principalement d'un manque de clart� des l�gendes des
articles de Jones et de ses co-auteurs eux-m�mes, mais surtout, et c'est le plus
important pour le d�bat scientifique, elle est sans cons�quences sur nos conclusions,
les diverses s�ries de donn�es concern�es �tant peu diff�rentes, comme il est ais� de le
v�rifier. Dans la note �voqu�e par S. Huet, Bard et Delaygue nous ont accus�s de fausse
citation, en arguant du t�moignage (erron�) de Jones."
Note that Courtillot makes as if the file he used is taken directly from Jones et al.
(1999) as cited in his paper, instead of explaining that it is a different curve,
constructed for a very specific purpose in Briffa et al. (2001) of which you are
coauthor. What is amazing is that Courtillot claims that the only confusion is between a
record for latitude >20�N instead of the northern hemisphere. This is crazy because the
confusion is between the global curve and a curve not only for latitudes >20�N BUT also
only for continents and during the April-September warm season. Looking again at Figure
2 page 178 of Jones et al. (1999), it don't see any "lack of clarity" in your
three-panel figure! It is even obvious that the Tglobe curve he used is similar to the
northern Hemispheric one instead of the global one. This was actually the reason of my
initial doubt expressed in the submitted version of my EPSL Comment. In addition, I
don't see why the statement form you I used in my note added in proof would be
"We were unable to find this file even by contacting its putative author who
specifically stated to us that it is not one of his files (Dr. Philip D. Jones, written
communication dated Oct. 23, 2007)."
This statement is completely true. This is indeed not one of your UEA file. Second, the
first part of the URL is incomplete and incorrect (dots are missing). We now know that
this file DOES exist at NOAA BUT that it is NOT what has been plotted by Courtillot et
Hence, if I had not submitted my note added in proof, the readers would be unable to
locate the file and would believe that it is a (land) global temperature file. In any
case the file was not the one plotted on their Figure now replotted in Science !
Best wishes, Edouard

Edouard BARD
Professeur au Coll�ge de France
Chaire de l'�volution du climat et de l'oc�an
Directeur adjoint du CEREGE, UMR-6635
Le Trocad�ro, Europole de l'Arbois BP80
13545 Aix-en-Provence cdx 4
Tel 04 42 50 74 18, 04 42 50 74 20 (secr.)
Fax 04 42 50 74 21, email bardatXYZxyzege.fr

Prof. Phil Jones
Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) 1603 592090
School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) 1603 507784
University of East Anglia
Norwich Email p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk

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