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date: Wed Aug 25 10:42:52 2004
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Fwd: IDAG paper ready to be submitted, respond by AUG 31
to: Gabi Hegerl <hegerlatXYZxyze.edu>

Only have this morning to make any changes before Tuesday. So I've only looked at the
paleo and inst. temp sections and the intro/conclusions.
I've altered the text in the borehole section - basically saying how the issue could be
This is different from Tom's point, but I think it ends more positively. Most boreholes
don't have
the last 15 years or so, so they need an extensive update like many proxies. If the
boreholes had
this better their whole record would change.
Added a bit into section 4 about daily data so section 7 can refer back to it.
I'm happy with Fig 1 as is. I've added a sentence to the caption saying errors are
in Jones and Mann (2004). This should answer Rev B # 5 comment. There isn't the space to
into this in any more detail. Any updated figure would look pretty much like this one.
Also added a ref to Jones and Mann (2004) at the end of Tom's section on paleo-forcing.
section was all about EBMs which is fine, but there is more on GCMs in the RoG paper. The
millennial run CGCM papers are not yet out, but they agree with what Tom is saying.
BTW, Hans et al are wrong in saying that their model shows that paleo doesn't capture
low-freq variability. A model can't tell you that. They do have a paper coming out in
though. I still think there are aspects of seasonal courses of change that are wrong in
models and the paleo data are nowhere near perfect. This will all get addressed by IPCC,
so see you in Trieste.
I'm away after about 4pm UK time today - back in on Tuesday if you need anything else.

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 16:48:20 -0400
From: Gabi Hegerl <hegerlatXYZxyze.edu>
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To: Tim Barnett <tbarnett-ulatXYZxyzd.edu>, francis <francis.zwiersatXYZxyzgc.ca>,
hegerl@duke.edu, myles <m.allen1atXYZxyzsics.ox.ac.uk>,
Tom Crowley <tcrowleyatXYZxyze.edu>,
Nathan Gillett <gillettatXYZxyzan.seos.uvic.ca>,
Klaus Hasselmann <klaus.hasselmannatXYZxyzz.de>,
Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>, Ben Santer <santer1atXYZxyzl.gov>,
Reiner Schnur <schnuratXYZxyzz.de>,
"Stott, Peter" <peter.stottatXYZxyzoffice.com>,
Karl Taylor <taylor13atXYZxyzl.gov>,
"Tett, Simon" <simon.tettatXYZxyzoffice.com>
Subject: IDAG paper ready to be submitted, respond by AUG 31
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Dear all,
Please find attached a revised version of the IDAG review paper, along with response to
Francis has done a great job revising the paper. Tom and I have modified the borehole
section a bit
and I fiddled a little bit with some details. All changes are marked.
Things that you particularly need to do, please\:
- check if your references are up to date and if you would like to add a (in press or
so) reference
- BEN, please check and update where necessary the upper air section
- PHIL, please check the borehole section and response to comment 5 rev B, if we could
figure 1 by one with errorbars taht still compares paleo reconstructions, that might
help but present
response is ok by me, too.
If you need a bit more time, let me know, but we promised the paper resubmitted very
early in
September, so I need your response as soon as possible. No response and I assume you are
completely happy.
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Environment and Earth Sciences,
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