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dear colleagues from the scientific community

i wondered whether we can do someting jointly (may it be with selected
institutions within or outside of the ECF) to ask for cash from the EU
to go for various scenarios reflection our joint NGO goal to not step
over the global 2 degree temperature increase threshold from various
My hunch would be to develop impact scenarios (including monetary cost
ecaluation?) for differentiating between a global climate system staying
below or overshooting 2 degree and also looking into what 2 degree
would/could mean for emissions reductions based on various climate
sensitivities and resulting required technology pushes and
implementations including costs.

we can talk about that in detail later. key is that WWF alone is not
in a position to do this at all and a broader consortium of science/NGOs
may be able to get something done whereas our particular role would be
more in the public campaign/awareness work of the project and the
results. Bill - i include you as a) I think it would be great to get GP
on board and b) as you have done already quite remarkable and
outstanding work on this one.

so please comment and of course - we are also open to other
participants - i think in particular on some technology folks who are
well equipped on the renewable/energy efficiency side.

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