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subject: RS IPCC meeting comments
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Dear all,
Many thanks for all the comments received so far. You will have received
those sent today from Mike Hulme and Tom Downing and I have copied in
comments below from Brian Hoskins, Julian Hunt and Dave Griggs.
We hope to finalise the first draft of the program with John Houghton on the
7th June and I will forward this to you afterwards.
Please send me any further comments or responses to the comments of the
others by 6th June.
I will be on leave now until the 6th June but Rachel Quinn will be checking
my email and you are welcome to call her on
020 7451 2546 should you wish to discuss this.
Best wishes and I hope you enjoy the Bank Holiday,

Comments from Brian Hoskins
2 Title
add in brackets "following the IPCC Third Assessment Report".
Another alternative: "The challenge of climate change following the IPCC

5.1 Maybe this was not expressed explicitly at our meeting but i think that
it was implicit that the Day 1 format should contain rather more lecture
content eg a session might be 2 x (25min talk + 5min discussant +20min
general discussion), whereas Day 2 is more as you say, except that it is
questions and discussion from the floor. I do not think that there will
necessarily be answers as opposed to discussion.

5.2 Morning John 15 min Introduction to the Meeting.
Impacts as you suggest.

On Day 2 I thought that we were homing in on or could at least put as a
possible in the minutes:
Session 1 Discussion: Where are we and where do we go next with the
international process
Session 2 What is the response of Government? EU,UK, Regional, LA
Session 3 ........................Business?
Session 4 The dialogue with Society
15 mins closing comments by eg Bob May

Comments from Julian Hunt, received 21/05
I am suggesting holding a one day mtg here at UCL with IC, and Reading Univ
on 'business and climate change research' on tuesday dec 18.I believe this
will be quite complementary to the RS mtg, provided the date does not clash.
There is also a major mtg on environmental hydraulics in Arizona dec 5-8, at
which Jim Baker (ex NOAA)and the sec gen of WMO will be attending(as I will
too). please let me know what you have decided asap,

Comments from Dave Griggs, received: 21/05
I do not have much to add to the report of the meeting.
For the titles of the sessions on Day 1 you could have something like:
Session 1: "Is the Climate Changing" or "Our Changing Climate"
Session 2: No suggestion
Session 3: "Projections of future climate change and its impacts"
Session 4: "Mitigation of Climate Change and Stabilization of Greenhouse

Not very inspired, but the best I could think of. I gave a list of suggested
speakers before the meeting and don't really have any to add.

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