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date: Tue Oct 3 11:53:12 2000
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: Fwd: EPA science czar Pest & a Stronger Sun no less
to:, tim barnett <>

Tim and Jeff,
Simon Tett and I went to conference that the press releases relates to.
This was in Tenerife last week. The conference was entitled solar
variability and climate, but climatologists were very thin on the ground.
There were a few good talks on the sun, but many were poor and few
of those present seem to take in what I was saying about the observations
and the paleo data, nor what Simon said about models and detection. Many
in the solar terrestrial physics community seem totally convinced that
solar output changes can explain most of the observed changes we are
seeing. The far-sighted ones are begining to doubt with the rapid rate
of recent warming, however.
The press releases relate to pre-publicity by the solar terrestrial
community to justify the conference, the SOHO mission (which is only
6 years of data !!!) and to give support to a CERN idea (costing at least
2 million UK pounds) to mimic galactic ray bombardment/cloud increase
ideas. This latter idea is attempting to prove Svensmark's ideas.
There was nothing new at the conference, but the solar terrestrial
group are not going to go away. The next IPCC report may keep them quiet
for a while, but trying to downplay solar influences in thier mind will
probably be impossible. As with the greenhouse skeptics they are so set
in their ways and have little comprehension of our literature beyond
what they read in Science and Nature.

If we do another statement at the end of the present work, we should
perhaps consider explicitly saying something. Can we discuss this for
a few minutes in Luneburg.


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