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date: Wed Sep 15 09:52:38 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Some DTR info
to: Adrian Simmons <>

I've been in touch with the Asheville folk. There was some confusion there as I'm
with them on 2 things (trying to get their DTR data and also a simple comparison of
GHCN/CRU/NASA mean temperature datasets).
Have a look at these plots. They give an idea of coverage. They are working on
the coverage and hope to have a dataset in a few months. I could get the current version,
but they tell me it will be significantly improved. Do we want to wait? Depends on time
available over the next few months I guess. I'm away much of the next 6 weeks and then
to work with Kevin on putting together a first draft of the IPCC Chapter on the
Let me know how you're fixed for the months up to Christmas. Do you want to be involved
in the IPCC chapter as a Contributing Author - or to review our first draft (early next
year). We
have our first meeting the week after next and we will decide on the CAs who'll assist us
also on friendly reviews of the zeroth order draft.
Hope the revisions of the JGR paper are not too onerous.

Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:34:22 -0400
From: "David Wuertz" <>
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To: Russell Vose <>,
Phil Jones <>
Subject: Re: Gridded DTR files
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Russ & Phil,
I'm a bit confused. We have only used mean temperature for the GHCN/CRU comparison, so
no DTR.
However, I did find some DTR analysis I did last October 22-24. I've attached several
related graphics files. [Russ, I found these on Argus in
~dwuertz/projects/max_min/adjusted/prelim. This analysis used a preliminary version of
the recently updated GHCN max/min data set (I believe), and adjustments made by the
recent Menne/Williams method (I believe).]
Are these the results Phil is interested in? If so, I can probably locate the ASCII
data that correspond to the attached maps of DTR trends. I will send those in a
subsequent email after while if I do not hear from you, just in case this is what you
want. If I'm sending you the wrong stuff, please let me know along with more detail
next time, and hopefully I'll get it right.
I see that it's pub time there, so I may not hear from you until morning.

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