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date: Fri, 16 May 2003 15:45:47 +0100
from: Suraje Dessai <>
subject: Revised dangerous paper
to: Neil Adger <>,Mike Hulme <>, John Turnpenny <>, Jonathan Koehler <>,R Warren <>


Dear all,

As you might remember Steve Schneider's main concern about our paper was
that we "didn't go too far" so I've spent the last couple of months adding
substance to it with the help of several of you. The result is attached.
This draft is close to final so if you have any
comments/changes/suggestions send them to me asap. If you think we require
a meeting to discuss the paper let me know. My plan was to submit the paper
in 2 weeks time once we receive the review of some external people. On that
note, could I ask Neil to send the paper to Nick Pidgeon as discussed. I
will also send this to Irene, Alex Haxeltine and Simon Shackley to see if
they have any further comments.

Have a good weekend,

Attachment Converted: "c:\eudora\attach\dangerousCC_revised5.doc"

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