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Thanks Kathryn
Picking up on your final comments this chimes with agreement reached at a meeting John
Beddington chaired with Julia, John Mitchell and James participating along with Brian
Hoskins and others.
It was agreed that we would send the science section of the briefing pack to all of them
and then (Met office?) Would work up a more detailed version for Julia, Johns B and M,
other Chief Scientific Adviser would use (not expected to go back into Ministerial pack).
So could you send this to John M and James too, then suggest Julia has a look and then it
goes out to all at the John Beddington meeting today and to the SG and UP at the same time.
Is that OK?

From: Humphrey, Kathryn (ACC)
To: Packer, Kathryn (ACC); Lewis, Claire (ACC)
Cc: 'Roger Street' ; Jenkins, Geoff ; Ag Stephens ; Phil Jones ; Colin Harpham ; C G Kilsby
Sent: Tue Jun 09 20:59:39 2009
Subject: Restricted- Defra Briefing Pack- KH comments

Hi Claire,

Here are my comments (in track changes) on the briefing pack. I have looked at the
narrative, The UK Climate Projections, part of Building Britain's Future, and the Science
Behind the Projections. I haven't look at the sectoral and regional sections or the ACC

I've done this in a bit of a rush to get it back to you and out to the project team asap.
Could copyees please look at the UK Climate Projections and Science behind the Projections
sections and let me have any further comments by close tomorrow (Wednesday) (very sorry for
the silly deadline). This is a high level document pitched for any reader to dip in and
out of (rather than reading everything) and is meant to give information so that they can
respond quickly to questions rather than get a detailed knowledge of all of the issues. So
if you want to change/add anything please could you keep it short, basic and to the point.
Note that quite a few sections are still unfinished.

This pack is planned to be circulated to the steering group and users' panel next week, for
use if they are approached with questions on launch day, as well as going to Ministers. I
don't think we will send the SG and UP all of it, but probably just the sections specific
to the Projections. Claire/Kathryn do you think that's a good idea?

Kind Regards,


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Kathryn Humphrey

Research and Evidence

Adapting to Climate Change Programme


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