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date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 14:29:33 +0100
from: Karen O'Brien <>
subject: RE: Cuba expenses
to: 'Mike Hulme' <>

Daer Mike,

Sorry for the delay in replying to your inquiry -- I was quite knocked out
with a cold earlier this week. According to our accountant, the ?4,289.02
that she transferred to your account included the airfare, train and taxi
(?1771), and the 6 days consulting fee ($3900) and 3 days per diem ($360).
The exchange rates that she applied to this period were 1$ = NOK 7.32, and
1? = NOK12.384. The UNEP per diem rate for Cuba is $120.00 /day. If your
actual expenses were more, you can send in the receipt and we will
reimburse you for the true costs. Have a nice weekend!


Karen O'Brien
Senior Research Fellow
(Center for International Climate and Environmental Research-Oslo)
P.O. Box 1129 Blindern
0317 Oslo
Tel: 47 22 85 87 62
Fax: 47 22 85 87 51

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Hulme []
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 1998 1:18 PM
To: karenob
Subject: Cuba expenses


The payment for my Cuba visit has been made successfully to my account, a
total of
4287.02 pounds. My travel costs were 1771 pounds, thus leaving 2516.02
pounds as my consulting rate (6 days@$650/day allows for $1.55 to the
pound). The contract with you also stated however that a per diem was also
to be paid at the standard UNEP rate. I spent three days in the country,
but the per diem for thesee 3 days seems not to have been included in the

Can you check this out for me and see whether something has been omitted?

Many thanks,


Dr Mike Hulme
Reader in Climatology tel: +44 1603 593162
Climatic Research Unit fax: +44 1603 507784
School of Environmental Science email:
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