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date: Thu Jul 14 11:11:11 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: RE: Some help needed with Figures for the FOD submission
to: <>, "'Klein Tank, Albert'" <>, "'Kevin Trenberth'" <>

Happy to wait till then. If you can also send a revised caption, that would be great.
A DTR plot for 1979-2003 would be useful to compare with Russ's. Kevin has
asked Aiguo Dai to produce one from Synops, so we will have 3 to look at.
Depending on how they all look, it might be worth trying to write something up -
as the discrepancies might provide some useful assessment. Just a thought.
At 09:45 14/07/2005, Lisa Alexander wrote:

Hi All,

OK, so I hope I have got all your comments! I think Phils description of the percentile
results was very clear. It therefore seems reasonable to me to have the y-axis on the
timeseries as number of days and have the same axis for each plot. It will probably be
tomorrow before I can redo the diagram with all the changes required so I hope you can
wait until then. As for DTR, I have only got the trends from 1951-2003 (see attached
apologies for the hideous colour scheme). The coverage is not as good as Russs due to
the smaller correlation decay length for DTR compared to the percentile indices. At
first glance there are some discrepancies e.g. South America but obviously well have to
wait until I look at the latter period trends. Again if you give me until tomorrow I
can redo the plot for the 1979-2003 period.



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