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date: Mon, 17 May 2004 15:02:28 +0100
from: Meric Srokosz <>
subject: Day After Tomorrow - film

Dear all - just to bring you up-to-date on the film Day After Tomorrow.

I attended press showing of the film last Tuesday evening with Sir
David King (government chief scientist) and Chris Gordon and Geoff
Jenkins from the Met Office. The next day we were involved in a press
briefing about the film at the Science Media Centre (Royal Institution).
This led to quite a bit of media coverage, including a Newsnight spot
that evening.

I have attached a copy of the briefing notes that I supplied to the press
on RAPID at the briefing meeting.

I am sure that there will be further media interest when the film goes on
general release next week (28th May). Christine and I are preparing
something to put on the RAPID web site, which I hope to circulate shortly
for your comments.

Annual Meeting - only 8 people responded to my earlier e-mail regarding
the Annual Meeting (you know who you are - so thank you!). It would be
useful in planning the meeting if the rest of the Steering Committee could
say whether they intend to be there, as this will help in structuring the
meeting (e.g. people to chair sessions / lead discussions, etc...).

Regards, Meric


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