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date: Thu Jun 10 09:20:48 2004
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: Re: [Fwd: Email Contact Issues]
to: Kevin Trenberth <>

Hopefully Brian Soden is just away for a 2 week vacation. If not this doesn't augur
Sarah Raper told me that Ambenje was at Maynooth last month for the IPCC meeting there.
The additional list sent from WG1 contains a FEW useful names. There are some who
are CLAs/LAs on other chapters (Forster, Hegerl, Hewitson, Karoly, Lean, Nicholls,
and Villalba). Of those only Neville Nicholls, Bruce Hewitson and Tom Peterson would
have been useful.
As for the others, there are loads I've never heard of. Useful ones might be Baldwin,
Benestad (written on the solar/cloud issue - on the right side, i.e anti-Svensmark),
Bohm, Brown, Christy (will be have to involve him ?), Dai (good), Fraedrich (circulation),
Frei (good, for extremes), Fyfe (circulation), Gallo, Groisman, Hanssen-Bauer (OK),
Hurrell (good), King (good for Antarctic), Kodera, Kunkel (has written stuff, but never
met him),
McBride (OK, but will he do anything in our timeframe), Nobre (simialr to McBride),
Power (good), Rayner (good but will mostly be in the oceans chapter), Salinger (knows the
ropes), Seidel (good), Stephenson (just about OK), Vose (probably) and Zhang. There are
a few others (e.g. Ramaswamy, but they seem more appropriate elsewhere in AR4).
WRT to Aiguo and Jim with you, there are three people here in CRU (Tim Osborn, Clare
and Malcolm Haylock) who could also be useful. Malcolm is putting together the European
part of the background on extremes that Dave Easterling mentioned. Tim Carter is
co-ordinating this for WGII. Should be available for end of June. Malcolm is collecting
references with a bit of text. I have the S. American part. I'll email this when have all
continents - should be useful for Trieste.
There are a number of S. Americans for Matilde to use. Will likely need to try to use
Bruce Hewitson to make sure we have decent Africans. Can discuss with Bruce in Trieste.
The extremes workshop attached to the IMSC went well, so he should know whether
we have any good ones.
There are a few I would want nothing to do with - Gerstengarbe, Michaels, Schoenwiese.
Also like to avoid Grassl and Gruza and probably Ogallo.
Just a few quick thoughts on the list. Move is still set for June 25 - will be away
from June 23
for about 2 weeks. Will occasionally come in a couple of times a week for an hour or
At 08:45 09/06/2004 -0600, you wrote:

Now we have contact with Zhai.
We have now contact with all except Soden and Ambenje. I sent emails to both GFDL and
Miami for Soden and also called both places. Left messages but no luck so far. FYI.
Formally he is still with GFDL but my understanding is that he is in RSMAS at U Miami
most of the time:
[1] ph (305) 361 5057.
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Subject: Email Contact Issues
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2004 15:13:10 -0600
From: Melinda Tignor [2]<>
To: [3]
Hi Kevin,
Susan forwarded your email to me and asked that I look into your problems contacting
Soden, Zhai, and Ambenje.
I know that Ambenje was having problems with his [4] account and
has been corresponding via his [5] account. I just want to confirm
that you are using the yahoo account? We have had sporadic email correspondence from
him due to his work email not being functional and his checking his yahoo account
infrequently, but he does respond eventually.
Zhai - are you getting a bounce? We have had some problems getting emails through to from both our noaa and ucar addresses. My understanding is that cma, noaa, and
ucar IT folks are working on finding a solution...but let me know if bouncing is or is
not the problem.
Soden - we have had email communication with him without incident (but not for awhile),
so I have no ideas there unless it is a vacation issue.
Hope this helps...
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