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date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 15:50:58 -0000
from: "Langenberg, Heike" <>
subject: Nature: request for advice (v10559)
to: "''" <>

Dear Dr Osborn,

I am hoping that you might be able to review a manuscript for us, if you
think that you could turn it around within 2 weeks (of receiving it).
The title is " Climate models simulates cold climate and large-scale North
sea-ice anomalies during late maunder minimum (1675-1710)" by F.
Gonzalez-Rouco, U. Cubasch, S. Legutke, J. Luterbacher, U. Schlese, H. von
Storch and E. Zorita

I include the first paragraph of the paper below, to give you an indication
what it is about.

Would you be able to assess the modelling side of the paper, as well as the
general novelty and importance of the work?

If you are unable to help us out, can you suggest any alternative referees
who would have a similar expertise to your own? I would also be grateful for
any thoughts that you might have regarding other referees who would be
appropriate to complement your expertise on this work.

Thanks very much.

Best Wishes,

Heike Langenberg

First paragraph:

With a state-of-the-art climate model, the effect of time varying solar and
volcanic-aerosol forcing has been simulated. During the winters 1675-1710 a
marked global cooling was simulated. This event mimics, in terms of broad
patterns and time mean intensity, the strong cooling "Late Maunder Minimum"
(LMM, 1675-1710 AD) in Europe documented in various historical sources and
early instrumental timeseries. The modelled LMM is causally related to the
and volcanic forcing anomalies in the decades preceding and during the LMM
creating large-scale circulation and sea ice coverage anomalies consistent
the phenomenon known as "Great Salinity Anomaly".

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