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date: Fri Jul 9 17:45:52 2004
from: Mike Hulme <>
subject: Re: IPPR - International Taskforce on Climate Change
to: "Chris Moss" <>

It depends where.
If in the London, the only option is 28th July, early morning.
If in Norwich, then periods of 21st or 26th July might also be possible.
At 12:03 07/07/2004 +0100, you wrote:

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Dear Professor Hulme,

I am writing to ask if it would be possible to arrange a meeting between yourself and
Simon Retallack. Simon is leading research on ippr s International Taskforce on Climate
Change, a high-level, cross-party collaboration including leaders from politics,
business, civil society and science from around the world, which we would be grateful
for the opportunity to discuss with you. Simon is very sorry he has not been able to get
in touch personally as he has back to back meetings in the U.S and U.K at the moment.

Welcomed by Prime Minister Tony Blair and founded by the Institute for Public Policy
Research in London, the [1]Center for American Progress in Washington DC and the
[2]Australia Institute in Canberra, the Taskforce was launched in March this year. Its
purpose is to provide advice on how to help ensure climate change is addressed
effectively over the long term by identifying new ways of securing international
cooperation. Its recommendations will be aimed at all governments, with special emphasis
on the UK, as it holds the presidencies of both the G8 and the EU in 2005, and Tony
Blair has publicly announced that he wants to make advancing international action on
climate change a key priority.

We would greatly appreciate the chance to tell you more about the work of the Taskforce
and seek your advice on key aspects of the research programme that the Taskforce has
commissioned to inform its final recommendations due early next year.

I apologise for the short notice, but it would be very helpful if you had the time to
meet. If you agree, are there any times on the 20^th, 21^st, 22^nd, 23^rd, 26^th, 28^th
or the 30^th July when you might be free?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Moss

Sustainability Team
Institute for Public Policy Research
30-32 Southampton Street
London WC2E 7RA
T: +44 20 7470 6100
F: +44 20 7470 6111
M: 07736 067 618

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