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cc: "David Easterling" <>,
date: Mon Jul 25 15:03:02 2005
from: Phil Jones <>
subject: What is left to do


Been in touch with Dave. He's back at NCDC - was at a CCSP planning for the
next issue, extremes, in Aspen last week.
He's now raring to go and has already sent me some of the pdfs needed. Only a few
more to go now.
Discussed on the phone, the main issues we need to make progress on
this week.
DTR - sent all the diagrams I had, and Russ is looking into this. Bottom line,
is that their new series has NO decreasing trend in DTR since 1979. Russ will
be plotting some station series from the regions with divergent trends cf Aiguo
and Lisa. Particularly South America, where the differences were largest.
Section 3.3 - Dave will work on this more, adding in text on the new Figures
and the Table, and will produce a Table of the various datasets. Dave - around
most of this week, if you can get revised drafts.
If there is anything else, you're closer in time to Dave than I am, so email him.
PS I have a visitor tomorrow from about 11-4, but apart from that I have managed
to get on top of most of my other work. I've sent some comments back on 3.9, will
send what I did on CQ3.2 tomorrow and will start looking at other sections.

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