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date: Tue, 27 May 2008 18:30:24 +0100
from: "Palmer Dave Mr \(LIB\)" <>
subject: FW: Your Ref: FOI_08-23 - IPCC, 2007 WGI Chapter 6 Assessment
to: "Briffa Keith Prof \(ENV\)" <>, "Mcgarvie Michael Mr \(ACAD\)" <>, "Jones Philip Prof \(ENV\)" <>, "Osborn Timothy Dr \(ENV\)" <>


Please note the response received today from Mr. Holland. Could you provide input as to
his additional questions 1, and 2, and check with Mr. Ammann in question 3 as to whether he
believes his correspondence with us to be confidential?

Although I fear/anticipate the response, I believe that I should inform the requester that
his request will be over the appropriate limit and ask him to limit it - the ICO Guidance

12. If an authority estimates that complying with a request will exceed the cost limit, can
advice and assistance be offered with a view to the applicant refocusing the request?

In such cases the authority is not obliged to comply with the request and will issue a
refusal notice. Included within the notice (which must state the reason for refusing the
request, provide details of complaints procedure, and contain particulars of section 50
rights) could be advice and assistance relating to the

refocusing of the request, together with an indication of the information that would be
available within the cost limit (as required by the Access Code).

This should not preclude other `verbal' contact with the applicant, whereby the authority
can ascertain the requirements of the applicant, and the normal customer service standards
that the authority usually adopts.

And... our own Code of Practice states (Annex C, point 5)

5. Where the UEA is not obliged to supply the information requested because the cost of
doing so would exceed the "appropriate limit" (i.e. cost threshold), and where the UEA is
not prepared to meet the additional costs itself, it should nevertheless provide an
indication of what information could be provided within the cost ceiling.

This is based on the Lord Chancellors Code of Practice which contains a virtually identical

In effect, we have to help the requester phrase the request in such a way as to bring it
within the appropriate limit - if the requester disregards that advice, then we don't
provide the information and allow them to proceed as they wish....

I just wish to ensure that we do as much as possible 'by the book' in this instance as I am
certain that this will end up in an appeal, with the statutory potential to end up with the

Cheers, Dave

From: David Holland []
Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 5:37 PM
To: David Palmer
Subject: Your Ref: FOI_08-23 - IPCC, 2007 WGI Chapter 6 Assessment Process

Please find attached a response to your letter of 19th May 2008

David Holland

Attachment Converted: "C:\Documents and Settings\Tim Osborn\My

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