Monday, April 9, 2012


cc: Keith Briffa <>
date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 10:04:47 -0700
from: Jonathan Overpeck <>
subject: CA list for ZOD
to: Eystein Jansen <>

E - here's my list for the CA's that should be listed after the LA's
at the top of our chapter. Please add your names - e.g., the ones who
helped with the glacier section. thx, peck

Tim Osborn
Julia Cole
Lonnie Thompson
Ellen Mosley-Thompson
Mark Chandler
Better Otto-Bleisner
Sandy Harrison

note that Keith indicated that Mike Mann, Henry Pollack and Edward
Cook would be CAs at some point too. I suggest we get the green light
from Keith before adding them to ZOD.

Thanks, Peck
Jonathan T. Overpeck
Director, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth
Professor, Department of Geosciences
Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences

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