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date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 13:46:48 -0000
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subject: RE: Parliamentary debate and temperature data
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Ah. No decision has been made and now we are worried we are in warm
water over it from a misleading parliment perspective. At least it'll
speed a decision up one way or another.

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I take it this response in the House means that the emails will go
out fairly soon?!

I was asked about this question by someone at DECC on Tuesday and I
sent a reply which basically said what Joan Ruddock said. The question
did mention UEA as well as MOHC - or whatever Lilley called you.

Have a look at this link

Several of us have been at a meeting about these posts with
Jacqui/Alastair. Although the Tyndall posts are vague, it could be worth
you while talking to Neil Adger. "Neil Adger"
<>. These 3 posts are nothing to do with ENV - the
money comes from UEA. It is all very odd. Ian Renfrew was at the meeting
and he and Jacqui felt that if someone with a hard science background
applied they would definitely be considered. Another person to discuss
these with could be Trevor. "Davies Trevor Prof (ENV)"

ENV's top priority for a replacement is in Nathan's area.

It just depends on how pushy you want to be. They do want good
scientists who will be able to carve out research teams in a few years.

The 3 Tyndall posts will be based in the CRU Building - that was
agreed at the meeting.


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>Subject: Parliamentary debate and temperature data
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>Thread-Topic: Parliamentary debate and temperature data
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>From: "Jones, Gareth S (Climate Scientist)"
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>John, Peter, Phil and Dorothy,
>Regarding claims of refusal to release station data used in near
>surface temperature records.
>Peter Thorne suggested I should let you know about a question made in
>parliament yesterday during the Copenhagen/climate debate and the
>response by the Minister of State, Department of Energy and Climate
>Change - Joan Ruddock.
>Column 1052
>Peter Lilley :-
>"I hope that the Minister will tell us what is happening about the Met
>Office Hadley centre's refusal to publish the basic figures it has
>received from around the world that it uses to calculate its estimates
>of the rise in surface temperatures throughout the world."
>Column 1090
>Joan Ruddock :-
>"The right hon. Gentleman stated that the Met Office had not made data
>available, and we have taken steps to try to make that happen.
>The Met Office has written to all those who provided data to ask
>whether they will agree to release those data."
>Peter suggested that Ruddock may not have been quite right in her
>p.s. I heard the debate and am pretty sure that Lilley said
>"Meteorological office Hadley institute" not "Met Office Hadley
> --
>Dr Gareth S. Jones Climate Research Scientist
>Met Office Hadley Centre, FitzRoy Road, Exeter EX1 3PB, UK
>Tel: +44(0)1392 886903

Prof. Phil Jones
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