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cc: Tom Crowley <>, Keith Briffa <>
date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 09:17:24 -0400 (EDT)
subject: Re: submitted manuscript
to: Tim Osborn <>

Hi Tim,

Yes, I am looking forward to reading your paper - I only heard about
you looking into ECHO-G behavior a few days ago - are our findings
consistent? THe only thing I did really was check why I need to downscale
to match our obs (although the significance of this hinges on estimated
degrees of freedoms for the ctl, so it still could be chance but I
doubt it)


On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Tim Osborn wrote:

> Dear Gabi and Tom,
> We finished off that paper I told Gabi about (I had Tom's email address
> wrong last time), investigating the behaviour of the ECHO-G "Erik"
> simulation. It was submitted to Climate Dynamics earlier this week.
> I thought you might be interested to see it, so I've attached a PDF of the
> submitted version. It seems that we both submitted our papers at the same
> time (Keith told me that you'd submitted yours too)! If it's appropriate
> to cross-reference them, then I guess something suitable could be added to
> each at the revision stage (assuming reviews are favourable!).
> Best wishes
> Tim
> PS. Keith and I need to talk about which model runs to include in the IPCC
> diagram. We'll get back to you when we've talked.

Gabriele Hegerl
Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University, Durham NC 27708
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