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date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 12:28:41 +1200
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subject: RE: Luong Quang Huy
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Hi Tim

We all missed the implications of the three-month deadline, though had Huy
not rushed into the revision process without consulting anyone then we'd
have caught it. So it goes.

That's amazing re Alan Kendall (always thought he was rather a loose
cannon). And, no, he didn't contribute to 1A01 in my day - sure I'd have
spotted had he done so! Who's convening 1A01 nowadays? I'd call his bluff
and constructively suggest that he might ensure consistency between what you
say (assuming you give the lectures I used to cover?) and his account - for
the students' sake at least! Alternatively, could always threaten to have
Greenpeace invade his lecture :) Good luck! Kind of ironic that I used to
invoke academic freedom when criticised by ENV for 'promoting' concern about
global warming and I suspect Alan might respond in a similar fashion.

Thanks for sorting out Huy. Yes, better to have it in writing. I think Alex
would want that too.

Hope all else goes smoothly!

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Subject: Re: Luong Quang Huy

Hi Mick,

as you suggested, I ran this by Elly informally first (by phone) and
she just said:

"that's fine, I'll make a note on his file and can you let Huy know;
there's no need to send a letter or any form".

So it seems that it is done already!

However, because I'd like some more traceable record than just my
phone call to Elly, what I'll do is to include the text you provided
below in my email informing Huy that he has been granted the
concession and I'll cc it to Elly. Then at least there'll be a
record of the agreement and the dates involved.

I didn't realise Huy's misunderstanding over supervisor involvement,
I just assumed he would ask me for advice if he needed it. Sorry about

On another note, do you know whether, when you were teaching
ENV-1A01, Alan Kendall was giving a counter climate change lecture
later in the module full of climate skeptic nonsense? It turns out
that he has done so for the last year or two, and possibly before
that, and is planning to do so again this year. His lecture slides
are full of the usual stuff (CO2 absorption is already saturated, CO2
lags temperature, instrumental temperature is unreliable so it isn't
warming and anyway it has cooled since 2001, etc.).



At 21:43 17/09/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Tim
>With your hat on as Huy's acting supervisor, can you steer a concession
>request through the system. Not sure whether you're aware that Huy
>picked up the impression that he should complete the thesis revision
>process without consulting his supervisor(s) but that is largely why
>we're only picking up on this now - though one of us should have
>spotted this earlier, I suppose.
>This is the justification that you as supervisor include to support the
>concession request and gives you the wording for the other bits of the
>form. You might have to fax a copy to Huy for him to sign.
>"Luong Quang Huy would like to request a change in the timing of the
>period over which he has to complete corrections to his PhD thesis due
>to the absence of his primary supervisor, Irene Lorenzoni, on maternity
>leave. He has now realised that her disciplinary expertise is essential
>to the revision process. He has worked for one month to date on minor
>corrections. As acting supervisor, I support the proposal that the
>clock stops at this point and re-starts on November 16th 2009 shortly
>after Irene Lorenzoni returns to work. The candidate understands that
>he should do no further work on the thesis till then. The completion
>date would be January 15th 2010. I understand that this is acceptable
>with Irene Lorenzoni and with the internal examiner (to be confirmed)."
>If they agree, then Irene and Alex will confirm this arrangement with
>you and you can delete the 'to be confirmed'. They've OK'ed this in
>principle with me but best you have their formal OK on file.
>Huy would rather an earlier date for completion but I've told him that,
>whatever he may reckon, I know he needs this time. You'll receive an
>email from him asking you to arrange the concession request.
>I suggest you pass this by Elly informally first of all to check it's
>likely to be approved and on the procedure. She's aware of the
>Thanks for this!
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