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cc: Keith Alverson <>, Keith Briffa <>, Rick Battarbee <>,, Dominique Raynaud <>, jean jouzel <>, Gerald Ganssen <>, Jean Marc Barnola <>, Ralph Schneider <>
date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 19:15:05 +0100
from: Laurent Labeyrie <>
subject: Re: Nov. 26 - NoE Dynamics of Climate Changes (DOCC)
to: Eystein Jansen <>

Dear Eystein
I just had Anvar Ghazi at the phone. He is currently in the round of
negociation to decide what to do. Decision in 2 weeks. The info I got
goes on the same line that you.
1/ The total funding for environment and climate decreases from 1
million Euros to 700 000. Even if paleo is not in the first call, the
following one should follow in march or April. Paleo is well
considered, and will exist in one or the other.
2/ the paleo community is too large to allow just one network or
I.P., and there are not enough funds to support several in our field.
Proposals will have to be well planned, to justify that the funding
goes to them and no others. But we can always try.
3/ Our community should therefore be better adapted to answer to
smaller 5th framework like projects. They will go on, but competition
will be harder (less money, and large part of it going to NoE and IP).
I think we should go on, but do a very nice job with all the best

>Dear friends,
>Just a quick update. The latest version of the workprogramme for our
>area (1.6.3) which also includes a roadmap with deadlines indicates
>that there will be no Paleoclimate openings in the first call for
>proposals. This may imply that the first deadline we can apply at is
>at least one year down the line. If this continues to be the case, I
>don�t see the need for a meeting on Nov. 26. But nothing is firm
>yet, so I advise us to keep the Nov. 26 date open for a few weeks
>more, until we have firm knowledge about the call.
>I did not hear back from the colleagues in Amsterdam yet re. place
>to hold the meeting, and will check alternatives if the meeting is
>held as planned.
>In an earlier version of the work programme the Comission indicated
>that they would rather have an IP and have no NoE in our area, I
>don�t know whether this continues to be an underlying presumption
>and will check out the realities with people in Brussels. If anyone
>of you is in touch with Brussels, please ask whether this is the
>Eystein Jansen
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