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Shortened abstract :

This talk will discuss the evidence that led the IPCC AR4 in 2007 to
make a stronger statement on attribution of observed climate change than
was possible at the time of the Third Assessment Report in 2001. In
addition it will present further evidence obtained since the publication
of the AR4 that the pattern of observed changes in the climate system
paints a physically consistent picture of a climate system responding to
anthropogenic forcing, including recent work attributing changes in the
hydrological cycle and the moisture holding capacity of the atmosphere.
The ability of climate models to simulate many observed changes
increases confidence in their use for predictions of future climate

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 12:08 +0100, Simon Tett wrote:
> All,
> Attached are the abstracts (and titles) you gave me for your talks...Could
> you provide a web link or email address so that interested people can find
> out more. The link/address will go at the bottom of your abstract. If I hear
> nothing I will put your email address...
> Abstracts should be about 10 lines. If your abstract is longer than this
> could you please shorten it?
> See www.rmets.org/event/meeting/wednotes.php for guidance to speakers.
> We are invited for lunch as guests of the Society. Lunch is at 12 noon.
> Please let me/Chris know if you would like to come.
> Could you let Chris & I know what visual aids you'd like to use --
> Powerpoint is preferred!
> We'd like a 3-4 line CV as well.
> Local centres organise evening meetings. Are you happy to be on a list of
> possible speakers for them?
> The society likes to publish a short meeting summary in Weather. The copy
> has to get there within three weeks of the meeting. Chris and I will find a
> "victim" to help (or I may get Chris to do it!)
> Simon

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