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date: Fri Jan 11 10:55:18 2008
from: Phil Jones <p.jonesatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: Tom
to: santer1atXYZxyzl.gov


First Tim will email Glenn - will let you know when he gets a response.
Had a brief chat with Keith/Sarah re Tom. We can discuss this further in
Boulder at the end of Jan. The 4 us know that we all owe Tom a lot personally.
Organizing a meeting though we'll need some support from somewhere.
Thinking about where this might come from depends on who would come.
If meeting in the UK, a lot of those who might come would be US, so it might
be best in the US. We could talk to Tom Karl and Chris Miller at IDAG.
Think about who might come? Who might pay their own way to come?
We don't think many would come from within the UK (MOHC, DEFRA),
as Tom has upset a few over the years and hasn't been here since 1994.
Would Mike Schlesinger come!! Did you go to Steve Schneider's a year or
so ago? That is the nearest analogy I can think of.
Keith did go to Fritz Schweingruber's a few years ago. He said it went well
and wasn't the cringey thing he thought it might be.
This even had a proceedings book with papers in. I don't think we should
go this far. I can see Mike S's title 'Wigley nicked my model'. !
We think Tom would really want us to do something, but would say no, if we
asked him!
Keith does a have a small file of reviews Tom never sent and a few choice
letters...... for any after dinner speech! We also have a few photos.

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