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date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 18:19:43 +0100
from: J.A.HallidayatXYZxyzac.uk
subject: draft of outline bid
to: m.hulmeatXYZxyz.ac.uk

Dear Mike,

First - admin matters : 1) A letter of endorsement has been written and
should be signed and posted (to Trevor) to Monday; 2) I will complete the CV
pro-forma over the weekend; 3) I will email a logo file on Monday.

I was impressed by your first draft and also by John Shepherd's comments. I
have re-read the call and compared it with the drafts. I would make the
following points (Note: typos etc are detailed later) :

a) I do not think that we 'sell' the strengths of the consortium nearly well
enough - we have assembled key experts in a wide range of areas and should
specifically say so in both the Opening statement and the Applicants Section

b) Suggested Research Agenda : para 2 - must delete the phrase 'if developed
into research Programmes for the final proposal' as these words give the
impression of uncertainty. Need a new name for Challenges - Themes perhaps
or Programmes as you have Programme Leaders

c) Challenge 2 - Where has energy efficiency gone ? How about either the
Renewables Challenge or Energy Supply (the later would allow you a brief
mention of nuclear matters though I would stress the word brief as I for one
think that Nuclear is already well covered by other bodies). I am drafting
some text for this whole section as I think we need to a) mention the UK
Renewables target, b) EPSRC's new RNET programme of funding, c) the Govt
White Paper, links to the renewable industries etc. I will try to do this
over the weekend and email it to you on/before Monday morning.

d)Meeting the Objectives... Collaboration in UK and abroad - perhaps
mention FPV funding schemes for mobility of young researchers. Relevant and
strategic - need to mention EPSRC Networks and its Public Understanding of
Science schemes (again I will draft some text). Attract Additional funding :
need to mention the increased DTI budget for Renewables R&D (again I will
draft some text) and the close links we have with industry (renewable and
others). Need to be positive - sell expertise of partners in tapping funding
sources.. gearing of Centre funds [eg Centre could offer feasibility study
grants to pump-prime work which would lead to applications to other bodies
(eg EU)].

e) p16 - an operations timetable - need to specifically mention the setting
up of a comprehensive WWW site with public and private pages....

f) on page 3 of the call- para 3 starting Global climate models... it says
that a significant challenge for the new centre is .... I am NOT sure we
have explicitly addressed the question - esp local and regional scales, cut
down model etc

g) perhaps in Suggested Research Agenda intro need to specifically mention
existing close links with Hadley, UGAMP, UKICP, IPCC..... and say will work
closely with and compliment ...

The list of typos and small changes(done on John Shepherd's version of the
draft) :
1)p3, line 1 - double comma ,,
2)p3, line 7 - major cultural divides -> major cultural and organisational
3)p3, last line - double full stop ..
4)p4, list of names -Markvart - Dr not Prof
5)p7 - management structure : bullet point one : line 2 scientists We ->
scientists. We
6)p7 - management structure : bullet point 2 : delete open square bracket [
7)p7 - management structure : bullet point 3 : need a little explanation
after the Programme Leaders if only to say 'whose role is described below'
8)p7 - management structure : text after bullet points : Council's ->
9)p7 - ditto - ditto : if the Soton & UMIST reps are well known figures then
I think they should be named now
10)p7 - ditto - ditto - need to define the Centre's Science Co-ordinator and
Communications Manager - is this one post or two ? what are their role's ?
how is the Science Co-ordinatoir different from the PL's or the ED ?
11) p8 - line 1 - I thought the Management Team mtgs should be MUCH MORE
FREQUENT than every six months, if not then what body/person is running
things in the interim ?
12) p8, para 2, line 3 'responsible to implement' -> 'responsible for
13) p8 ditto, last line - double full stop ..
14) p8, para 3, line 2 : this JIF -> a recent JIF
14) p8, ditto, ditto, office accommodation has -> office accommodation has
15) p9, para 2 line 2 - double full stop ..
16) p9, challenge 1, para 2, line 3 double full stop ..
17) p10, challenge 2 line 2 delete [and alternative]
18) p12, challenge 5 para 1, line 5 double full stop ..
19) p12, ditto, ditto, line 9 ?. to ?
20) p13, para 2 methodsl -> methods
21) p19, Jim Halliday, line 2 Director, Energy -> Head of the Energy
22) p20, Nick Jenkins, email address -> n.jenkinsatXYZxyzst.ac.uk
23) p21, Jonathan Kohler, email address -> j.kohleratXYZxyzn.acm.ac.uk
24) p21, Tom Markvart : details are School of Engineering Sciences,
University of Southampton email T.MarkvartatXYZxyzon.ac.uk

I hope that all this is useful. I will work on it a bit more over the

Jim Halliday
Dr Jim Halliday
Head of the Energy Research Unit
CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
OX11 0QX

Tel : +44 (0) 1235-44-5559
Fax : +44 (0) 1235-44-6863
Email : J.HallidayatXYZxyzAC.UK

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