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date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 10:09:15 +0100 (GMT Daylight Time)
from: Julie Burgess <J.BurgessatXYZxyz.ac.uk>
subject: MELISSA Program supports Earth Day 2001 <fwd>
to: cru.allatXYZxyz.ac.uk

Dear Colleagues and Friends

The MELISSA Program supports Earth Day 2001 by entering the March issue of the KERN
InfoBrief as an "activity" on the Earth Day website. To view this entry, plus the many
others from around Africa and the world, visit [1]http://www.earthday.net and follow the
events links to South Africa, where the recognition of the MELISSA program's contribution
will be found. This initiative is part of the MELISSA program's awareness campaign to raise
environmental management and sustainable development issues amongst network members by
working jointly with international groups and campaigns.

Our consumption of fossil fuels causes heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide to
accumulate in the Earth's atmosphere. These gases wreak havoc on our climate, leading to
extreme weather, habitat loss, and the spread of disease. But there is a solution. A rapid
transition to clean energy will help stabilize our climate, alleviate many other
environmental ills, and provide a better future for all of the Earth's inhabitants.

Some of the world wide campaigns from Earth Day are:

Resources to help fight climate change:
* [2]Clean Energy Worldwide -- Join with others around the world in taking action for
clean energy.
* [3]Clean Energy in the U.S. -- The United States is disproportionately responsible for
climate change and has an opportunity to lead the way in reducing fossil fuel use. If
you're in the U.S., here's how you can help.

Confused by all the talk? Learn more about clean energy and the environment:
* [4]The basics on energy and its environmental effects.
* [5]The latest news about climate change.
* [6]Energy efficiency resources from The Alliance to Save Energy, an Earth Day partner.

However any event, activity, publication or happening may become a part of the celebration
of Earth Day. If you have not already done so, register your Earth Day plans online at
www.earthday.net. (Follow the links to "List your Event.") Or email your plans to us at

Thank you for your interest in this dynamic and worthy campaign supported by the MELISSA
program amongst many many other organizations.

Best wishes and regards

Bridget McBean
The MELISSA Program/ World Bank Office in South Africa
P O Box 12629, Hatfield, 0028, Pretoria, South Africa
Tel (+27 12) 349-2994 Fax (+27 12) 349-2080
email: [8]bridget@melissa.org Website: [9]www.melissa.org

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